Split Of AFM Church Looms. Pastors Demand Resignation Of Madziyire, Nyambirai And Others

The Sunday Mail reports that a possible major split of the AFM church in Zimbabwe might happen soon.

According to the report, top officials at the church have secretly recorded each other’s conversations about goings-on in the church and leaking the recordings to the public.

AFM deputy president Rev. Cossum Chiangwa is apparently in a battle against president Dr. Aspher Madziyire, church elder and prominent lawyer Tawanda Nyambirai, general secretary Reverend Amon Madawo, and administrator Pastor Munyaradzi Shumba.

The battles have seen a group of pastors who claim to represent the interests of 650 AFM ordained colleagues demand a vote of no confidence passed against Madziyire, Madawo, Nyambirai and Shumba. The pastors have communicated through lawyers:

The president (Dr Madziyire) and the general secretary (Rev Madawo) abused their offices by undermining the resolution of the AC (Apostolic Council) meeting held at Rufaro Conference Centre on 3 February 2018 where the AC resolved that AFM would go for elections with the current constitution and constitution reforms would proceed after the elections.

“The said office bearers are showing deliberate negligence of both their official and fiduciary duties by ignoring calls of more than 650 pastors and 16 overseers (including members of the presidium) and a big number of lay workers to stop divisive reforms and proceed with elections guided by the standing constitution.

“The said office bearers are not showing remorse despite their awareness that their actions are about to split the church that has been able to amicably and peacefully resolve its conflicts for over 100 years.”

The AFM Church is one of Zimbabwe’s largest churches. Other churches have emerged from it most notably, Emmanuel Makandiwa’s now fairly big United Family International Church.

More: Sunday Mail

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10 comments on “Split Of AFM Church Looms. Pastors Demand Resignation Of Madziyire, Nyambirai And Others

  1. Leadership is being in power for long but grooming more leaders to take over from you while you are still alive. It becomes a challenge when those in leadership use manipulation and other means which are not godly to remain in power . It’s sad to see those who should show Godly leadership putting the name of the Church in disrepute. Where are the wise men and women ( Church Fathers of this great Church) ?

  2. kkkk it’s a political party. the church does not have a president read your bible corectly. in politics peolpe fight to be leaders because of financial gain and fame. this is 100% like MDC and ZANU PF. the CHURCH has never been called AFM at what verse. not one person in the bible attended AFM.

    1. True,church does not have names. Satan deceived people to form these so called churches so that he can have followers. Devil transformed the garden of Eden to this day’s satan’s eden through civilization.

  3. The church leaders are showing point blank that its all about power & money and using Jesus to reach their satanic destination. vanhu vhurai meso.

  4. what’s wrong about having a President??? those titles are just meant to bring governance only.sometimes people just argue for the sake of it.kuzoti dai maivepo moses achitungamirira mhomho yaisirayeri maitozvisungirira zve

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