Auditions For Walter Magaya’s African Talent Show With $1 Million Top Prize Put On Hold After Problems

The African Talent Show which is being organised by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder, Walter Magaya, has run into problems and auditions which were initially scheduled to take place tomorrow (Saturday) have been shelved. The show which was supposed to air on Yadah TV and DStv Channel 281 had a prize money of $1 million for the winner. Describing the show, Magaya said,

African Talent Show seeks to identify and promote hidden African talent. We must start with singing and dancing, then we go to other talents. It must not only be for Zimbabwean participants, it is supposed to be African participants,

It is not my money that I will be using. The partners that I have secured said whoever wins the competition will get a million.

However, the show seems to have run into funding problems as some people who are supposed to be involved in the project view it as a risky proposition which could adversely affect Magaya’s business interests. An authoritative source who spoke to the daily tabloid, H-Metro, said,

The figure of US$1 million is too much for an experimental show in an economy like Zimbabwe and the truth is there is no way Prophet Magaya and partners would afford to fund such an event.

Prophet Magaya wants to do things at a grand scale but the proper way would have been to start very small like the StarBrite on ZTV and then perfect the show before going regional and giving out US$1 million. Events elsewhere in Africa do not even have such a prize money yet there are solid sponsorships from huge corporates.

It is only proper for Prophet Magaya to go back to the drawing board and do the proper thing otherwise it will be a disaster that will sink him and the church.

More: H-Metro

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