How Zimbabweans Reacted To Mugabe’s First Interview Since Military Takeover

Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe gave his first interview following the military intervention in November last year. Mugabe described the military intervention code-named Operation Restore Legacy as a coup d’e tat despite regional, continental and international bodies saying it was not.

Below are some of the comments on Mugabe’s revelations in the interview:


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8 comments on “How Zimbabweans Reacted To Mugabe’s First Interview Since Military Takeover

  1. It appears that, as Mugabe resumes his speech-making, he remains unaware, or ignores the unadulterated JOY on the streets over a welcome short period, as his removal was imminent….’legal’ or not, that Fact remains!

  2. True insanity lacks insight. This lack of insight was in evidence at AND before Lancaster House meetings.
    Britain chose this man knowing who he was who Mnangagwa was and to suit their own interests handed Rhodesia to them.
    The very first ballot was never fully counted the ballot paper and boxes were illegally removed on the same plane that removed the British observers and they were burnt on landing in Britain literally.
    Britain encouraged the race card knowing that Russia China and North Korea were involved in the training of zipra and Zanu and the unspeakable wrongs that have come out of those connections validate Ian Smith’s description of them as thugs.
    What saddens me as someone who watched as this played out was that if Ian Smith’s plans had played out Zimbabwe would now have both majority rule and competent government. Let every one whose child mother father brother uncle sister aunt cousin has beenurdered starved or had their life destroyed be they black or white or any colour in between know that this evil that has been visited on Zimbabwe was the pattern Australia followed in Papua New Guinea and again it was about gaining asset control in the midst of the chaos and corruption created by the removal of good governance.
    Britain should pay for this as Australia should pay for Papua New Guinea but the people of Zimbabwe have paid a price too horrible to think about but think you must Zimbabwe or you will not get your nation back and these monsters and Britain will never be called to account.
    Do not trust the foreign powers who are now jostling to control your wealth.
    My blood ran cold when the “intervention” was playing out and China so confidently said it would not oppose Mnangagwa if the interests of China were not disturbed!!!!
    Do not loose focus here black or White, Rhodesian or Zimbabwean only you should have control over your country.
    Heal the rifts come together and with truth and integrity stand against these monster’s for if you do not you will live out Britain’s and Mugabe’s and Mnangagwas vision for you and you and yours will continue be fed to the beast of greed .

  3. Mugabe was an illegal President since he lost elections long back when asked about Gukurahundi he had two answers very arrogant the first was ” yanga iri hondo munoda kuvanga musindo!” Then after Unity accord It was a time of madness what nonsene. The flake falling on Emmerson is .Mugabe s doing the old devil must be dragged to answer for Gukurahundi himself.I repeat the challenge Ian Smith made with him to walk the street without bodyguard and who would be beaten by people I am saying if he feels he has support let him try to walk into a supermarket without a bodyguard I bet he will be killed instantly Gushungo did you hear the people baing for your blood did you hear the sound of people when Emmerson was put in office the worst thing Emmerson can do is to give you any audience he should shove you into a chair and hold you by the throat and when your wicked eyes are bulging and ready to pop out tell you that you ‘re history cheeky old devil

  4. mugabe is right because that was a coup and unconstitutional .this ED guy should not lie to innocent zimbabweans that there was power transition . he is a liar and he will loss it on the election.

  5. he should test his own medicine…let him tell the world what happened in 2008 elections as well..when he spent a month to publish elections results…

  6. kkkkk,the old man makes me laugh.He is just being selfish.After all he had done for the Nations,he do have the guts to stand up and utter nonsense.Its a day too late.ED might have his short comings but he is a better devil than you.Go rest and play with your grandchildren.You had your chance and you messed big time.

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