Mnangagwa Refuses To Receive Presidential Salary In Cash, Says I Will Join Queue If I Need Cash

According to state media, President Emmerson Mnangagwa told off an official from CBZ Bank when she brought his first salary in a “sack of cash.” The official indicated that this was the arrangement which had been initiated by former president Robert Mugabe. However, Mnangagwa is reported to have turned this down and instructed the bank to his bank account. A source who spoke to the Sunday Mail said,

I can tell you for a fact, because I was there, that a lady (name withheld) from CBZ Bank came with a sack of cash to President Mnangagwa’s Office when his first payday arrived. The President asked her what the money was for, and she pulled out a form and said it was his salary and he must sign for it.

The President said it was highly irregular and irresponsible, and the lady indicated that cash salary payments were standard for the old man (Mr Mugabe) and she assumed that was how things were done for the highest office in the land.

His Excellency gave her his bank account number and told her to do a transfer as is done for everyone else, and told her that if he needed cash he would queue for it like everyone else because the cash shortages affected all Zimbabweans and he would demand no such preferential and irregular treatment.

The president’s salary was not revealed although former president Robert Mugabe is reported to have been his monthly salary of $20 000/ month in cash.  State media appears to be going after president Robert Mugabe ever since his endorsement of the new opposition party, the National Patriotic Front (NPF).

More: Sunday Mail


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30 comments on “Mnangagwa Refuses To Receive Presidential Salary In Cash, Says I Will Join Queue If I Need Cash

  1. I am a strong supporter of Ngwena but I was let down by what he publicly said previously….. “The 2008 General Election was Free and Fair…..” Oh Really, Mr President? Even a toddler by then could tell you that #27June was not an election……

    1. According to the statutory act the elections were reranned after it emerged no winner but the opposition boycotted

  2. I think it is good for him to feel what we feel in queue .when people are talking about cash problems that will be an eye opener

  3. He doesn’t need that money. The guy is superloaded. He must give it to old peoples homes where it can be of most help.

  4. kkkk what a joke.Because he always gets lots of cash from minerals and fuel (hard currency for that matter) Propaganda iyo

  5. Kkkkkk these guys are loaded with cash they just want to play funny with people were and when will you see him standing inthe que for that cash

  6. Iam a young lady aged 19. I finished my ‘A’ last year with two passes. I would like to study in German.

  7. If everyone in Africa would adopt the president’s attitude towards preferential treatment, then Africa would not need to kneel down and beg the west for everything. We would be self sufficient. Thanks Mr President

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