“ED Thinks I Am An Idiot”: Mugabe Says He Will Not Endorse Or Negotiate With Mnangagwa

Brigadier General (Retired) Ambrose Mutinhiri the leader of the opposition party, the National Patriotic Front (NPF), has claimed that former president Robert Mugabe declared that he was not going to endorse his former confidante, President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mutinhiri, whose NPF party has been endorsed by Mugabe also said that the former president will not endorse the injustices taking place under Mnangagwa. Speaking to the Standard, Mutinhiri said,

You know what, when this issue came up at my meeting with president Mugabe last Sunday, he was emphatic and unequivocal about his position. Let me recall what he told me about this, [Mugabe said] “ED thinks I am an idiot.”

…How does he think I believe their claim that they are about upholding the legacy of the president, my legacy, when I’m down because of them and when they have been dragging me in the mud?

People, especially in Zanu PF, want honest holders of the legacy of the president and they condemn hypocrisy, they condemn military brutality against the people.

He went on to say: “ED says he wants me to endorse him, what will I be endorsing? Hypocrisy? Brutality against the people?

The killing and battering of children (CIO and police officers) who worked with me? No, no, no; I’m not an idiot.


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7 comments on ““ED Thinks I Am An Idiot”: Mugabe Says He Will Not Endorse Or Negotiate With Mnangagwa

  1. The last part about the killings of “children” is no concern to most people because those same “children” killed citizens in defence of the despot.

  2. This Mutinhiri fellow is pathetically deluded. Does he seriously and honestly believe himself! Who in their normal God given senses would still be counting on Mugabe. You people took the nation of Zimbabwe for granted for too long, you now think you are dealing with the zombies that Mugabe turned them into. Read our lips clearly: “The Mutinhiris & Mugabe’s lot are now history in Zimbabwe” That is where you permanently belong.

  3. Mugabe Zimbabwe is not yours to give to whoever you think is a good child if you think you have support let Emmerson take away your bodyguards and you walk down the mainstreet in Harare and see how many will even call you chef.you are bad oudour anybody you endorse is like giving him a red card .To echo Dr.Edison Zvobgo when if you asked if there was anybody who could lead ZANU PF like you there are Loads of people who could do A Hell site better than you Pasi newe Mudhara and all like minded cronies.The Boys ED CHIWENGA and SHIRI are our real Liberators. GOOD WORK FORWARD VAKOMANA SHOW THIS GERIATIC AND DISILLUSIONED OLD COOT THAT ZIMBABWE CAN GO ON WITHOUT HIM

  4. Mugabe is such a hypocrite. He loved it when ED worshipped him but he cannot stand to see ED rule, It must always MUgabe ruling kkkkk. Its good because the whole world especially Zimbabweans can see how evil Mugabe is. Why should ED be endorsed by the most hated man in Zimbabwe. Its a good thing for ED not to be endorsed by Mugabe. Mugabe will make ED LOSE VOTES SO its best for Mugabe to stay away from ED. Mutinhiri you are a loser boy!!!

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