Chamisa Reveals Why Mnangagwa Will Lose Against Him In 2018 Elections

In an interview with Deutsche Welle (DW), MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa revealed why he thinks Zanu-PF leader and Zimbabwe’s current president Emmerson Mnangagwa will lose in the forthcoming elections.

Chamisa (NC) said Mnangagwa will “definitely be defeated in this election” because he does not have the energy to match the zeal and enthusiasm possessed by young people. Below is an excerpt of the interview:

DW: You will be pitting yourself at 40 against a 75-year-old, Emmerson Mnangagwa. How do you see yourself faring in that election come election-day?

NC: Mr Mnangagwa will definitely be defeated in this election, partly because he does not have the energy to be able to match the zeal and enthusiasm we have as young people, but also because he’s done a good job. He’s a liberation icon – it’s good for him to rest and not to be abused by our generation. We must now take up the challenge and move forward. This is a generational transfer of power, so we are shifting responsibility and authority from the older generation to the newer generation so that we punctuate and amplify the gains of the liberation struggle so that we are able to entrench our sovereignty as a people. But we are also able to entrench some of the gains of the liberation struggle – issues around land, issues around our ability to self-determine, issues around economic transformation, issues around creating opportunity and prosperity for our generation, empowerment of young people, those are the issues we’re going to be focusing on.

More: Deutsche Welle

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12 comments on “Chamisa Reveals Why Mnangagwa Will Lose Against Him In 2018 Elections

  1. Very unconvincing—this guy has no game-plan, not to talk of a gambit—even he doesnt believe that he will defeat ED!

  2. MDC campaign fairly. Tell the nations your strategies to improve the economy, health , social care, job creation etc instead of talking about gukurahundi. Mdc you are not a very clean party yourself. Ask your president Khupe, She knows exactly how you operate. Tell the electorate why we should vote for you and leave ED alone. ED was not the only person responsible for Gukurahundi. You left the architect of gukurahundi to rule Zimbabwe for 37 years and you did not attack him so please do not use dirty tricks to try and get votes. After all MDC you have already lost the Matebeleland vote and we all know why. So don’t try to be clever . We can see through your very childish strategy

  3. Its time for young blood and a man of God who fear God to rule Zimbabwe.We want free and fair elections.Chamisa ndizvo.

  4. Just because a man is God fearing does not give him the right to rule us in the book of Daniel God said Madzimambo nite unomagadza nokumabvisa . As for age I think a good leader uses wisdom and the fear of God and consults wise COUNSEL.and experience also counts The Soviet Union for years did not want young people to rule because they are fickle and can throw principles out of the window they elected Gorbachev who was the youngest in Soviet history and true the Soviet Union disintegrated Chamisa you are young and if you rush to a racist billionaire like Trump he can buy our country by change in his back pocket you may sell our independence to him be careful age is just a number mate

  5. chamisa is the wway to go.He is young ,GOD fearing and more mature than the president now.Ladies and gentlemen why don’t we ululate for our president ADVOCATE NELSON CHAMISA.

  6. Mate this advocate stuff is neither here nor there advocate is being able to negotiate and defend your client or position in an adversarial situation and above all thinking on your feet being nimple and agile I did not see that on hard talk and when dealing with Khupe I see a,dreamer and dreams are ten a penny energy to do what mate These guys were all taken in by Mugabe in the government of national unity a very old man they have nothing to show for that period except lies and Mugabe single handed chewed them and spat them out as useless ED ndiyo Shumba YamuGabe he beat him at his own game you will see when they get money in their pockets it’s same old if not worse crap we want progress gents not comic tactics good thing is ava vakapinda NHEMA hadzitani kubatwa iwe menu we Will be on the road to boot them out they have no military routes they better deliver!!!

  7. Advocate Chamisa ndoo wandinovhotera,ndingavhotere ane 75 year ndichisiya ane 40 ndopenga here KKKKK.e.d haana kana future same same namugabe

  8. Haaaaa Chamisa u are never going to be my President,madzimbambo even muBible they are tried and tested like David who was almodt killed by Soul,Chamisa wakamboita Boarder Jumper iwe ,wakambopotsa wafa nefood poisoning here,wakambobata even pfuti here,u dont know how todefend me so tell me again y u think u can be my president

    Alex parish

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