Mai Titi Regrets Leaked Kitchen Party Video

In an interview with ZiFM Stereo host Tin Tin on Sunday, online comedian Mai Titi (real name Felistas Edwards) spoke on her leaked video that went viral on social media last year, saying it had soiled her image.

Mai Titi narrated how she lost opportunities because of the video. She narrated how she lost out on a Nestle deal. Said Mai Titi:

I’ll never forget going to the Nestle offices and getting to advanced stages of the deal only for one of the ladies to walk in and ask if I wasn’t the person on the video that was doing the rounds. I said yes and she told me their brand couldn’t be associated with me. I was so devastated and I really wanted to cry.

Mai Titi also said a number of high profile men called offering $10 000 just to sleep with her. The video that leaked was shot at a kitchen tea where Mai Titi was a host. The video showed Mai Titi demonstrating on another woman, how the bride to be, must make love to her man.

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Mai Titi Felistas Murata Edwards is a Zimbabwean comedian, gospel artiste, entrepreneur and MC. She received the Top Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise Business Leader of the Year Award on 26 March 2018 from the Women’s Heritage Society World Organisation. Read More About Mai Titi

ZiFM Stereo is the first privately-owned radio station in Zimbabwe. It is owned by Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front politician, Supa Mandiwanzira through his company African Business Communications (AB Communications). The company was awarded a free-to-air broadcasting license in November 2011 and started broadcasting... Read More About ZiFM Stereo

Tin Tin is the stage name of a Zimbabwean Zimdancehall artist. Tin Tin has a number of popular songs to his name, including the 2015 song Judhas. Read More About Tin Tin


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