“I Hope Your NPF Party Will Empower The Youths To Takeover”: Mugabe Tells Mutinhiri

Former president Robert Mugabe is reported to have told Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri, leader of the New Patriotic Front (NPF) to condemn the brutality of the “military junta” and to empower the youths to take over. In a press statement, the NPF said:

In his response, President Mugabe congratulated Cde Mutinhiri for taking a bold move and said that Zimbabwe needed men and women of principle who should fight to preserve the legacy of the liberation struggle legacy. He said he hopes NPF and its supporters will be “honest upholders of the legacy of the liberation struggle and condemn the brutality against the people that is being witnessed under the military junta”. President Mugabe said that as Zimbabwe prepares for elections, “everyone should fight to ensure that people are free to belong to parties of their choice and that there is no interference by the Army or those that would want to resort to violence as a means of getting votes.”

The President also urged Cde Mutinhiri to work closely with the full spectrum of the youths to enable them to take-over the governance of the country in the interest of generational renewal whose time has come. “I hope your NPF party will empower the youths to takeover. Don’t oppress them; make sure they are not harassed. I know they will be harassed and some arrested but empower them mentally to fight for what is right,” he said.

Cde Mutinhiri promised President Mugabe that NPF will uphold the values and democratic ideals of the liberation struggle, especially the preservation of the historic land reform that Emmerson Mnangagwa says the Junta controlled Zanu PF is reversing along with youth empowerment policies.

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2 comments on ““I Hope Your NPF Party Will Empower The Youths To Takeover”: Mugabe Tells Mutinhiri

  1. Please don’t take these parties as businesses. Find better things to do to create jobs than political parties. There are so many potential investors among wealthy Zimbabweans but none are creating jobs. There are more parties than the electorate instead. The country will do better with just 2 parties as I see it. If all our political leaders are for the people then all this poverty will be seen from neighbouring countries. This country has all the resources you can think of but we seem to be all confused. Good leaders who all have good vision for the country but selfishness rules supreme amongst them. The electorate is easily swayed by the sweet talk from all our politicians. If it wasn’t for greed some of the rich people would be owners of the biggest conglomerate in the country.

  2. The only liberation to talk about is from the bondage of the Mugabe regime. The past one we all know it was against Smith but the later was probably worse. People did a lot under the Smith regime despite racial oppression whereas the Mugabe regime had a lot of poverty and bullying. Some of us have nothing to show for being in a liberated country. We lost our jobs countless times and lived unbearable hand to mouth lives which none of the politicians endured at any given times of their lives. The old man is ill advised to try and stage a come back.

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