More Woes For Chief Charumbira As Elton Mangoma Sues Him For Supporting Zanu-PF

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Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe leader Elton Mangoma has approached the High Court seeking an order to declare utterances by National Chiefs Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira promising Zanu-PF support in this year’s elections as unconstitutional.

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Mangoma is being represented by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) and his application cites comments by Charumbira during meetings with former President Robert Mugabe last October in Bulawayo and again during a meeting of traditional leaders with new President Emmerson Mnangagwa in January this year.

Mangoma argues Charumbira’s utterances violate Section 281(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and that the remarks infringe upon the rights of citizens as enshrined in Sections 56 and 67 of the Constitution. He also wants an order to “compel the Chief’s Council to initiate a process towards the establishment of the Integrity and Ethics of Chiefs envisioned in Section 287 of the Constitution”.



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Elton MangomaFortune CharumbiraConstitution of Zimbabwe

Elton Mangoma is a Zimbabwean politician. He is the current presidential candidate for the Coalition of Democrats which will contest the 2018 Harmonised Elections. He is also the President of the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe political party. He is one of the founding members of... Read More About Elton Mangoma

Fortune Charumbira is a traditional leader in Zimbabwe and the current President of the Chief's Council. He was inaugurated as the substantive Chief Charumbira on 24 May 2000.In October 2018 Fortune Charumbira was elected unopposed as vice president of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Bureau, representing... Read More About Fortune Charumbira

The Constitution of Zimbabwe is the supreme law of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's latest constitution was voted for and approved in a referendum of 16 March 2013. Before the current constitution, Zimbabwe used a constitution negotiated at the 1979 Lancaster House Agreement as Zimbabwe... Read More About Constitution of Zimbabwe

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  1. ivhukuvanhu chete Reply

    So, it means Chiefs must support the opposition party? How do we draw the line in the sand?
    I thought Chiefs have a constitutional right of assembly and pronounce their political leanings as Mr Mangoma of CODE freely does.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    What’s wrong with supporting ZANU-PF? It’s the only party that protects the people’s interests.

    • zibulo Reply

      what if MDC was in Power , doing what ZANU is doing to the country and the economy? and i wrote like you sarcastically and saying MDC is the only party that “protects peoples’ ” interests? You would be feeling like i do right now, wondering which planet you come from. You have been drilled to not accept anything other than ZANU,which claims to follow the Constitution. So tahts why in your party, you do not have rights to nominate a Presidential Candidate. Its a ZANU matter, we dont care, we only care when its a Zimbabwean matter

  3. mazicobomoco7 Reply

    nhema dzogaidzo pple are not fools they know what they want ED woyeee

  4. april taffi Reply

    this is a democratic country a person is free of supporting any political party haisi nguva yana Hitler ino

    • zibulo Reply

      problem is that you give your own definition of freedom, yet you know that Chiefs owe their positions to their societies/communities they lead, which are composed of citizens from across the whole political spectrum. Their political allegiance must be kept to themselves, they are supposed to be allowing all political parties to have rallies and meet their subjects , and stop peddling lies that some zimbabweans want to return Zimbabwe to Britain, a myth which ZANU has drilled into your heads as supporters but which the “new”dispensation now goes agains’t by seeking recognition from the same Britain which you compared to Blair toilets when your dictator Mgabe insulted them.

  5. murenga Reply

    but asi vanhu vanosungira munhu bato raanoda of which ndo ruling party bvani ngavasunge munhu wese zve

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