MDC-T Has No Presidential Candidate: Mwonzora Refuses To Recognise Chamisa

MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora has claimed that the party has no presidential candidate.

This is despite the fact that the party’s co-vice president Nelson Chamisa was appointed the acting president by the national council for the next 12 months. Mwonzora added that he stands by the provisions of clause 9:2.1.1 of the MDC-T constitution which states that in the event of the death of the president, the deputy president assumes the role of acting president pending the holding an extraordinary congress within a year. Said Mwonzora:

We are going to have a candidate soon. There were proposals made at a consultative held last Friday but they were subject to endorsement by the national council or congress. The congress or council can select anyone and the law is very clear on what should be done. I haven’t changed my position regarding what the MDC constitution says in the event of the death of the president, especially clause 9:2.1.1.

However, MDC-T deputy spokeswoman Ms Thabitha Khumalo rubbished Mwonzora’s arson claims and that the party had no presidential candidate. Said Khumalo:

There is nothing like that. Why didn’t they go and report to the police and why are they making those claims now? These people are just trying to gain political mileage. With regards to presidential candidate, we have (Mr) Chamisa who was endorsed by the national council to act for the next 12 months, a period which also covers election time.

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23 comments on “MDC-T Has No Presidential Candidate: Mwonzora Refuses To Recognise Chamisa

  1. But whats Mwonzora’s problem chaizvoizvo…? Zvaanenge ane musoro wakaoma….manje soo…nxaaa! If he’s not happy why doesnt he leave than go against the whole mdc povo and all…?? Nyaya yake inenge yekuti akamaka fongo Chamisa chete…manje he is digging hos own grave politically semaonero angu zvangu…! Please Mwonzora, act like munhu akadzidza akaita lawyer kwete kubehaver samupurwa….ok!!

  2. Mwonzora is 110%right he respects the constitution,unlike power hungry chamisa,who has turned our beautiful party into ZANU pf branch

  3. siyanai naye mwonzora uyo ndezvake isu tirikutoti go chamisa go
    Chero akarotomoka asi chamisa for president
    ngaadye mari yaakatengwa nezanu
    hatinei naye haaaa fokoro mhani

  4. mwonzora Douglas. I want to tell you that Chamisa nelson achakutonga uchida usingadi. Shaar this mathematics haiidi ma lawyer akapusa. unofunga ndiani umwe ano qualifier kuita president kunze kwaVaChamisa.utikwanire.

  5. handikutye nanakhupe vanoda. ndakasungwa ini ndinhasi 19 years handina kusungirwa vatengesi vakaita semi .kwanai tikuremekedzei

  6. some people are so stupid that they cannot even look at the direction of the wind.watch it will cost them heavly and thts when we will say taukudzai.mark my words

  7. I want to know one thing, its not all of us who are going to be Presidents, only one person that we agree, so my fellow countrymen, note both men and women, why do we allow to be infiltrated and divided.
    MDCT please forget everything and concentrate on one winning horse, please CHAMISA has the support and potential, even if he makes mistakes you elders of the party come around and be one,assist him, don’t be divided, please please. Zanu PF is happy when you are divided Mwonzora chiii nhai, l won’t accuse you of having received money or what, but l urge you guys to unite and defeat this monster called Zanu PF once and for all, taneta veduwe, tanzwa, we can’t drive cars throughout the country the roads the economy everything is in tatas, please vehama chiiiko nhai veduwe.
    O. Gutu
    all of you call even
    W. Ncube
    Aurther Mutambara
    Mai Mujuru
    T. Biti

    Its never too late, take advantage of the no of the registered votes, 60% of the eligible registered voters are the Generation Forty they between 18 and 40 years lts take advantage and vote Chamisa, you will be there with him to grow him and the country into a better place.

  8. One more things though, this is a social media, a form of communication which we can all take advantage and utilise wisely or unwisely, lets not rant at each other on these social media platforms, if one expresses his opinions and you don’t agree with, lets be tolerant and grow our democracy, that is what we are fighting everyday against Zanu PF, lets be free and share and agree to differ in political points of view in a civilised and democratic manner.

    Lets not call each other names even including this elephant in the room Zanu PF lets go defeat them in the ballot, yes we can, yes we can revive Zimbabwe and make it a great nation and Africas bread busker again, not through, kumarana katakana, katakana, kanatumajelous like vanhu vari pachipari. Khupe, you are such an important, vital cog in Zimbabwe s political playing field, stand up, b counted don’t listen to haters you and Chamisa can unity and form a formidable winning team including everyone whom l mentioned before.

    Lets be realistic and follow the politics of reason and progress, this is the real it, l also come from Matebeleland South, l did experience all the bad you can think of both during the liberation struggle and Gukurahundi, when MDC was formed we were there we watched it disintegrate into numerous fragments and please don’t further fragment it. I was moved by your maturity when you said you are ready to meet Chamisa, thats politics of maturity.

  9. mwonzvora is right, he respects due process, and constitutionalism, why are u afraid of due process, Chamisa is a thug

  10. We can not waste our time with personal wishes of some retrogressive elements,this can never be the time,lets focus on what is good for the party and Zimbabwe.

  11. When you say Chamisa is a thug you are saying MDC is a thug because Chamisa alone does not comprise the National Council or executive.Are you trying to tell us that all districts and all the provinces who made that decision are not knowledgable,and that we all do not know the constitition? Do you mean the MDC grass-root is all foolish?

  12. CHAMISA is biblical Joshua say what ever you want nothing will prevent him to the highest office under the sun politics its about numbers u thugs of ed

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