Tsvangirai’s Son Reveals Real Story Behind Passport Saga

Speaking to The Herald, the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s son Edwin revealed the story behind his father’s passport saga.

He said the family wanted to have Tsvangirai discharged from a South African hospital where he was being treated for colon cancer and fly to Germany to seek the services of an unnamed prophet. Said Edwin:

We wanted to travel to Germany to seek spiritual guidance from a prophet in that Western country. I am the one who was running around to get visas to enable us to travel.

Edwin said he was not aware of an audio where his father appeared to be arguing with his brother Collin and uncle Innocent Zvaipa who appeared to be refusing to give him bhis travel documents. However, Collin told South Africa-based Zimbabwen businessman Mutumwa Mawere during a Facebook live-stream that the passport had been taken by Edwin for a visa application. Collin did not, however, give further details about the visa during the interview.

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