Updated: Tsvangirai Family Disowns Elizabeth, Planning To Grab Entire Inheritance

The family of the late former Prime Minister and founding leader of the opposition MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai, is reported to have disowned Elizabeth Macheka Tsvangirai, Morgan’s widow. The family is said to be planning to evict Elizabeth from Tsvangirai’s Highlands mansion as well as to grab the former prime minister’s entire estate.

Elizabeth who has so far appeared stoic is reported to have been barred by the family from visiting the former Prime Minister during his last days when he was still in the hospital. Tsvangirai’s mother also threatened to commit suicide over the weekend if Elizabeth and MDC-T vice-president Nelson Chamisa showed their faces.

However, the move to disinherit Macheka may be impossible to accomplish if she decides to fight for her rights, as under the law, the surviving spouse is entitled to inherit her husband’s estate, barring special circumstances.


According to the Daily News, Elizabeth has considered suicide due to the emotional abuse and harassment that she has been receiving since Tsvangirai became seriously ill.

Before his death, Tsvangirai is reported to have tried to secure his wife’s future by consulting his lawyer Innocent Chagonda on issues of estate administration on at least three occasions. Chagonda confirmed the visits although he declined to state the exact legal advice he had given to Tsvangirai. Said Chagonda,

He was consulting me….If you die intestate (without a will), your matrimonial home will be inherited by the wife and the residue will be divided equally between the children and the wife.

Elizabeth’s lawyer Harrison Nkomo said he is yet to be consulted on the matter.

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13 comments on “Updated: Tsvangirai Family Disowns Elizabeth, Planning To Grab Entire Inheritance

  1. Quite disappointing. Most shocking is the role being played by Mr Tsvangirayi’s mother, who one would expect to be the pacifying force in these difficult times. The family must be reminded that this episode will pass, and they will each have to carry on with their lives.

  2. hama dzaTsvangirai ngadzikwane,dzigodzikama kuita vanhu kwavo.they can’t try kuda kutora zvinhu zvese zvavasina kushanda,vachiti ndivanani??nxaaaaa typical zimbos,ngavasiyane nezvinhu zvemunhu nemukadzi wacho.

  3. Ko kana akauraya murume iye asina mwana na Morgan wacho it’s unfair. .Morgan akahwina Hu PM aina Susan apa vana vacho havazofe vakasvika pamba pababa vavo. .Eriza gold digger

      1. ndiEliza it was all set she booked next sit to MT mundenge ,,,and booked same hotel ,,,,,the truth is parents run their race and accumulate wealth for their children the reason the law stipulates that the remaining spouse inherits the estate is that the law assumes they will be having children ,,,in cases like this we are all aware it is just unfair for Eliza to just come stay with Tsvangirai ,,he dies and she takes his wealth haaa it is culturally and socially wrong though legally correct the law has it’s ills ,,,we are following chirungu stereki in our culture mukadzi unogarwa nhaka kana achimudiki pane kana pasina vana anosunungurwa hake to get remarried ,,,it pains any relative to see his relatives wealth being enjoyed by another man,,,,I hope those who are going to deal with the case will consider all these facts ,,,both sides should benefit that is Eliza and Tsvangirai’s children .

  4. Pakati kudya panodiwa ngemunhu wose,izvezvi mofi achangovigwa hama dzavakurwisana pamusana pepfuma,Pfuma yenhaka yakaoma vakomana shandai zvenyu.ZvaTsvangirai ngazviende kuvana vadiki vemufi naEliza

  5. Ngazvienge kuvana na Elizabeth cz vakashanda vose.let’s b fair ipapo.Eliza ndezvako bt usakanganwe vana vaSave chete.vamwe mose out vehukama.chenyu ihembe chete apo

    1. Nglokudana ngeawnzo sikanina kaTswangirai aswnza umalokazanawakhe. Mhlawumbe kasi nina uqobo zala uPresident Tswangirai my be she is step mother to. How can she want to lnherity the son’s property wilist stil alive


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