Video: Tsvangirai’s Mother Says She Does Not Want To See Elizabeth, Chamisa, Threatens Suicide

Lydia Tsvangirai, the mother of the late former Prime Minister and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has declared that she does not want to see her son’s widow Elizabeth Macheka and MDC-T Acting President Nelson Chamisa at her son’s burial.  Tsvangirai is expected to be buried on Tuesday in his rural home of Buhera after he died from colon cancer on Wednesday.   Lydia went on to threaten to commit suicide if her wishes are defied.

In a candid moment which was not part of an interview but was inadvertently recorded and screened on ZBC TV during the main news bulletin, she can be clearly heard instructing someone,

“…udza vana sekuru vako, Eliza handidi kumuona pano…face yaChamisa handidi kuiona. Hezvino ndiripano ndingazvisungirira”

(Tell your uncles, I don’t want to see Elizabeth and Chamisa here, or else I will kill myself)

This follows reports that Elizabeth was barred from visiting her husband during his last days in the hospital after she was alleged to have been pushing for Chamisa’s ascendancy. Chamisa was appointed Tsvangirai’s successor, although in an acting capacity for 12 months, the day after Tsvangirai’s death. He was slammed for being power hungry by vice-president Thokozani Khupe who said that he had shown no regard for tradition and culture.

Here is the video:

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24 comments on “Video: Tsvangirai’s Mother Says She Does Not Want To See Elizabeth, Chamisa, Threatens Suicide

  1. This is uncalled,l think Tswangirai’s mother is also greedy she wants to inherit Tswangirai’s property.They have planned this as a family.

    1. With her age why would she be running after his inheritance it doesn’t make sense at all. She is just hurt and going through a lot of emotions. Nje!

  2. She must not interfere with Party issues , the mere fact that she was our beloved Morgan s mum does not give her the right to make decisions as to who she likes to lead the party . She is an elderly Gogo , she needs to focus on the great loss she and the country has suffered , why would Elizabeth be barred from seeing her husband in hospital , why would the Deputy President appointed by Morgan himself be barred from attending his funeral ?is that what Morgan would have wanted ? ,we don’t expect all those unnecessary tantrums from a bereaved mother , the nation is mourning a fallen Hero , we don’t need this circus

    1. Revai, pliz revai zvamunoziva,which part indicates that gogo is intefering party issues?,Her son Morgan was a prominent politician bt that cant let not his mother say what is at heart,no no no guys ,you were spoiled by Chamisa,lets wait n c new n fair politics after burial

  3. Khupe, Mudzuri must be seasoned politician. These two always snub meetings hoping that they will get away with it. It shows that they are not brave they are weak in mind they are being led by an old gogo kusanyara. Where were you when Chamisa was appointed to lead the party. Iyoyo nyaya yekusa garisika vanhu havadi izvozvo. Go for a rerun Chamisa will win by a big margin. He never opposed his boss. Khupe,Mudzuri have no power at all thus why they clinching to the family.

  4. I am sorry to say she is being used by some family and some MDC members to fight their wars. Honestly if she had an issue with her daughter in law, she would not humiliate her in public like that. If you follow what she said, its consistent with what was happening in South Africa. If you are to ask her why those two should not be present, she has no answer. It is unfortunate that politicians sink that low to the point of tagging along relatives of the late Hero to fight their wars. This is politics at play no doubt about it. In a few days you will soon get the truth. There are family members on one hand who are targeting Tsvangirais assets and there are Party members on the other side who are trying to re position themselves for party position. The two parties have joined forces to discredit Elizabeth and Chamisa so that the outside world believes that the two were up to no good to the family and party. In the process these two parties are now using the poor mother to fight their selfish wars. May God give these two parties the punishment they deserve in life.

    1. Yes, even more so,may the people of Zimbabwe be able to see through these evil plots and choose a leader based on democratic principle rather than gossip.

  5. Revai is right , Would Morgan not have allowed Nelson and Elizabeth to attend -? I do think it’s a fair and respectable statement to make . Elizabeth is Morgan s wife and Nelson is the Party Vice President now acting President. We surely don’t want all this circus , can somebody make Gogo understand that it is not about her it’s about Morgan , MDC haisi party yeMhuri ndeye vanhu, Nelson s coming as MDC acting party president . Can those having access to Gogo stop feeding her with the wrong information , we want Morgan to be sent off with dignity and the party to keep its dignity .stop pursuing selfish wars by using a grieving mother all because of Zvigaro , siyanai naNelson

  6. mmmmm gogo is being used by Khupe and Mudzuri . These are dem lies ambuya .Instead u shld appreciate murora nebasa hombe raakabata

  7. imhepo inopfuura
    Asi hazvititadzisi kuvhotera Chamisa come elections just wait and c
    Mudzuri & khupe forget about pau president hamuzivikani
    May u go and join mujuru kwamakaita mting
    Pretoria we never bother

  8. sick MDC supporters,kusanyara.Siyayi Ambuya vaite zvemwana wavo afa,imi Moita zvaChamisa .Kusaziva inonzi Family issue .Asi Lizzie na Chamisa vadzingwa kuMDC rally kana meeting?Haisi MDC meeting.Rufu rwekwa Tsvangirai,kana imiwo hamuna kukokwa.Kuridza mhere hakusi kukoka vanhu kukuzivisai zvaiitika.Asi hamuna ana Amai,kana vana.Zvarai venyu,Ambuya vakazvizvarira wavo akàsvika kuita PM we Zimbabwe.Imi nekuziva kwenyu tozoona marerawo PM.Kwenyu kwakafiwa Ambuya havapindire.Desperate imbeciles ,kutuka munhu afirwa.Zve MDC comes after the funeral,rega tione vekwa Tsvangirai vachiviga mwana wavo.

    1. iwe Kemiti hauoni here kuti gogo vari kushandiswa naKhupe and Mudzuri(those unpopular politicians vasina political mileage).How can she utter such nonsense in public.Haina respect kumuroora mbuya iyi.Go hang.

  9. Ndovona sokuti chamisa mwana mudoko chaizvo kuti atungamire. Ngavatsvake mumwe atikureyi. Nguva yachamisa ichasvika. Vakaramba vakaisa chamisa my vote goes straight kuna ED.
    Off gtz

  10. Kupe na Mudzuri vakatengwa neZANU na ED, vanoda kuuraya party nekuti vapiwa tungoda na Munangagwa, manje Chamisa tichafamba naye for good coz he is the democratic leader like Tsvangirai asina kumbogara atengwa ne zanu.

    1. Yes ,Uhmm chenjerai . Vivah Nelson . Nelson for President chete , we don’t care what they say kana ariye arikudiwa nevanhu who will dare say ‘No ‘ we want a principled leader with integrity and he happens to be the one

  11. Mudzuri nakhupe kana vaneta ngava siye Chamisa aite basa vachembera vese we need young leader old people they aruthless like Ed and mugabe

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