Petition For Morgan Tsvangirai To Be Declared A National Hero

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Robert Maweni has started an online petition for the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to be declared a national hero.

The petition which requires 500 signatures will be handed to the Government of Zimbabwe. Maweni argues Tsvangirai deserves to be honored for challenging former President Robert Mugabe’s regime. Said Maweni

When people in his own party were afraid to challenge Mugabe’s corrupt administration and his abuse of human rights, Mr Tsvangirai stood up to fight for democracy in Zimbabwe. When the need came, he answered the call and lead faithfully, the symbol of hope of a better Zimbabwe for many of us. He was beaten, abused and imprisoned multiple times but was not deterred. He was cheated, robbed, and many his followers maimed and killed, but still he fought on for a better Zimbabwe, even humbling himself to the point of serving with his persecutors. Fighting for a better Zimbabwe. Fighting to complete that dream of a free that many other Zimbabwean heroes had died fighting for in the 70s and 80s. 

If you believe that Tsvangirai should be declared a national hero Sign The Petion By Clicking Here

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Morgan Tsvangirai was a Zimbabwean politician and leader of the Movement for Democratic Change party and Trade Unionist. He was Prime Minister of Zimbabwe during the Government of National Unity era from 2008 and 2013. Tsvangirai died on 14 February 2018 at a hospital in... Read More About Morgan Tsvangirai

Robert Mugabe is the former President of Zimbabwe. He was the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe from 1987 to November 2017. Prior to this, he was the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe since the attainment of independence in 1980. Mugabe resigned from his presidency on... Read More About Robert Mugabe

The Movement for Democratic Change - Tsvangirayi (MDC-T) formerly just the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is the main opposition party in Zimbabwe formed in an era of economic melt down and political unrest in 1999. The party was part of Zimbabwe's Government of National... Read More About MDC-T


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  1. Macmillan muti says:

    Our hero morgan

    1. shiku says:

      hero don’t call for sanctions to be imposed on their country. for that vadzimu venyika will curse you!

  2. G Mayeka says:

    I support the petition

    1. tapiwa innocent mangobe says:

      i support the petition ,he deserves to be buried at the national shrine.

  3. Chanazi says:

    He is our hero

  4. makanyara maripa says:

    He is our hero

    1. Phumi says:

      Our hero

  5. Tichaona Kanyama says:

    Was, is and will always be my Hero

  6. Samanyanga says:

    He is a hero in deed. MHSRIP

  7. Joe Matsike says:

    True hero

  8. Mitchelle says:

    Our National Hero. Lets redefine the meaning of a national hero thru Morgan Tsvangirai. #new era#

  9. mwambabvu says:

    if the new gvt says we a differ from mugabe’s
    Let them show on Morgan T
    to be decleared national hero

  10. Madzimbamuto says:

    He qualifies to be a hero.

  11. David says:

    ukoo. Hezvo uko….. Bwaaa. One time. Zororai murugare.

  12. David says:

    ukoo. Hezvo uko….. Bwaaa. One time. Zororai murugare. MRT

  13. Mutape says:

    The Greatest Hero ever. Our
    Mandela in Zim. RIP

  14. Victor Chawapuwa says:

    He is a undisputed hero, he fought for democracy as president of MDC, he fought for workers rights as trade unionist.

  15. diana says:

    I support the petition

  16. Tsitsi Chizhande says:

    I support the petition for our hero Gamba guru RIP.

  17. muzet says:

    there is no doubt about it.Save deserves it.even zanupf knows in peace gamba remagamba.

  18. godfrey chiyangwa says:

    ndiro gamba renyika ,rakati va Mugabe makoniwa chimbopaiwo vamwe chanzi! zvaida kushinga veruzhinji taitya kutaura zvirimumoyo uye va TSVANGIRAI vakati zizi harina nyanga kkkkkk viva SAVE,,,,,, ZORORAI MURUGARE RWASHE. Nelson Chamisa usatya kutungamirira bato be strong and fearless

  19. T Mapanzure says:

    Dr M.R. Tsvangirai for the Heroes Acre.

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