Full Text: President Mnangagwa’s Condolence Message On Morgan Tsvangirai’s Death



On behalf of the ruling ZANU-PF party, Government, our Nation, and that of my family, I wish to express deepest condolences to the Tsvangirai Family on the sad passing yesterday evening of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, and leader of the opposition MDC-T party. A strong trade-unionist and opposition leader, the late Tsvangirai will be remembered especially for his readiness to stretch and reach out across the political divide for a Government of National Unity after the polarizing 2008 elections. Both in and after the Government of National Unity, he remained a national figure who obdurately insisted on free, fair, credible and non-violent elections as a way of strengthening our democracy and our overall re-engagement with the rest of the world.

Whatever other controversial decisions he and his MDC-T party may have made in the past, we all remember him for his insistence on free, fair and peaceful elections which we must validate in the forth-coming 2018 Harmonised Elections in tribute to him and to our democracy. This we owe him as political leaders of all contesting parties in our country which deserves unfettered peace and stability. As part of building political consensus in the country ahead of the Harmonized Elections, I shall soon be inviting leaders of all political parties for a day-long consultative meeting. Indeed the ethic of overarching collaboration above fair and peaceful political contestation must be cultivated and entrenched into our national politics for all times.

As we join the Tsvangirai Family in mourning their dear departed, we pray that the whole Family remains united to give the deceased a dignified send-off. Consultations are underway in Government and with the Family to determine what else Government needs to do to accord the late departed befitting honour.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

E.D. Mnangagwa

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Declare Tsvangirai a national hero and he be buried at national heroes acre. Thank Mr. President for your kind words. You area true. Im following you but Tsvangirai deserves our respect


    Declare M.Tsvangirai a national hero and he be buried at national heroes acre. Thank you Mr. E.D

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you our President ED for a healthy message. Lets all rally behind you Sir

    • Anonymous Reply

      wrong platform campaign uko we here to mourn MRT kuvoter tagara ticha voter time iyoyo ichasvika we have to be objective hatide madofo RIP Mogiza

  4. Obert Reply

    Fuck Zimbabweans its not time for campaigns we are crying hee e d has my vote this thing of people who needs too much power and money must came to an end

  5. Hillary Reply

    ED remains a rare breed of all time repartee in execution, continue to do what is good for it pleases God.

  6. Peta Reply

    a true hero, blessed with fortitude and compassion.
    May his soul rest in peace. Zimbabwe cries

  7. Mimi Reply

    well said Mr President, accord him the National Hero Status, that’s a befitting send off.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    May Jehovah God always be with you Mr President.
    Dr Morgan Rinchard Tsvangirai is a national hereo

  9. Unconquerable Reply

    Morgan is a national hero and ED you can score more by just confirming what we already know. Thank you.

  10. Marjorie Kashiri Reply

    It doesn’t matter where Honourable Mr Morgan Tsvangirai would be buried, the fact will ever remain the same: a true son of Zimbabwe. Seeing that Zimbabwe was becoming a nation in deep distress , a nation full of fear, a tense polarised nation, a nation which was being characterised by poverty, Mr Tsvangirai stood up and selflessly fought for political correctness through his indomitable political party.

  11. Themba Ndebele Reply

    Sure you should have shown that you are different from Mugabe by declaring MT a national hero. This shows that nothing has changed in Zimbabwe.

    • Anonymous Reply

      He must be declared a national hero, he did so much for our country than most people who are still in government. If they don’t give him this hero status it means one needs only to be in zanu pf to be declared hero status…

  12. Tavaziva Reply

    I don’t see any campaigning here. ED is just doing what Zimbabweans have never been exposed to. Takajaira kudzvanyirirwa esp under RG. Here comes a man doing humane acts of kindness, showing political maturity yet remaining ethical in conduct. Remember MRT even attended inauguration of ED showing how much he believed in the new Zimbabweans dispensation. Then came EDs compassionate visit to an unwell compatriot. Now a balanced befitting message of condolences. What more can we ask for. If EDs display of ubuntu eventually gains him political support chakaipa chii. Mr President continue on the path you seem to be treading. Be a unifying figure and bring prosperity and peace back to Zimbabwe. The best of all, God is with us. The will of the people is the will of God. Chasungwa pasi……nekudenga

  13. Anonymous Reply

    E.D has maturity in politics he is doing right thing to send condolence message

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