MDC-T Factional Fights Continue As Mudzuri And Khupe Boycott Chamisa’s Meeting

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MDC-T factional fights raged on yesterday with the party’s co-vice presidents Elias Mudzuri and Thokozani Khupe boycotting a standing committee meeting convened by vice president Nelson Chamisa. The party’s national chairman Mr Lovemore Moyo also boycotted yesterday’s meeting.

Chamisa and Mudzuri are fighting over who is acting president with both claiming to have been appointed by party leader Morgan Tsvangirai who is battling colon cancer in South Africa. Sources who spoke to The Herald said Chamisa has also called for an extraordinary national executive and national council meeting set for tomorrow (Thursday) which is expected to endorse him as acting president of the party. Speaking to The Herald yesterday, Mudzuri said he had called for a standing committee meeting today but Chamisa had called for a parallel meeting yesterday. Mudzuri said that he would soon be calling for a mediator in a bid to resolve the dispute. Said Mudzuri:

I have called for a standing committee meeting to be held tomorrow (Wednesday) but Chamisa counter-called for the same meeting today. I am the one with the mandate to call for such a meeting as acting president. He is just being mischievous. My vision is to unite the party as mandated to me by president Tsvangirai and my wish is to ensure the attendance of everyone including Dr Khupe who has not been attending such meetings. I will soon be calling for a mediator to find common ground because we want the party to remain united. We cannot continue to have this.

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Thokozani KhupeNelson ChamisaElias Mudzuri

Thokozani Khupe is a Zimbabwean politician, cancer activist and the former Vice President of the Movement for Democratic Change. She challenged President Nelson Chamisa for the bid to succeed the late MDC-T founder Morgan Tsvangirai. Khupe reportedly said she will run for President in the... Read More About Thokozani Khupe

Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean politician who is currently the President of MDC-T and MDC Alliance. Chamisa is a Member of Parliament of Kuwadzana East in the political party. In 2003, Chamisa broke new ground in the politics of Zimbabwe by becoming the youngest Member... Read More About Nelson Chamisa

Elias Mudzuri is a Zimbabwean engineer, politician and member of parliament for Warren Park. He is a former mayor of Harare, and was the minister of energy in the Government of National Unity. He is a member of the MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai for... Read More About Elias Mudzuri


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  1. Tukai says:

    This to say the least is shameful! Hama dzangu, vanhu ava havanei newe kana neni. Zivai izvozvi pamuchaenda kusarudzo. It would be scary to have as leaders people who cannot keep their own house in order.

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