BREAKING: Minister Says 2017 Zimsec Ordinary Level English Paper 2 Will Be REWRITTEN On Friday 16 February

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Paul Mavima has said that the 2017 Zimsec Ordinary Level English Paper II Examination will be rewritten after it was established that the papers were leaked and that there was widespread cheating. The Minister blamed social media for facilitating the cheating and said that the marking process had validated the claim that there had been cheating

The exam will be reset and candidates will have to rewrite on Friday 16 February from 1000hrs to 1200hrs.  All candidates are required to report to the 2017 exam centres for the exam.

The examinations body has also suspended the release of the 2017 Ordinary Level results until the re-writing and re-marking of the exams.  Candidates who were discovered to have cheated in the last exam have been banned from the new examination.   Zimsec has already nullified the results for all subjects and all students at Nagle House School in Marondera after students were caught cheating.  Some of the students from the school have been arrested and the case is still pending at the courts.

More than 260 000 students will be affected by this unprecedented turn of events. 


You can read the Minister’s full statement here.

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27 comments on “BREAKING: Minister Says 2017 Zimsec Ordinary Level English Paper 2 Will Be REWRITTEN On Friday 16 February

  1. This is a real draw back why saying it this moment.ma papers aya aingo leaker tichinyora n nothing was said now that we are expecting results vakuti we have to rewrite l jus cant understand this

    1. Nonsense they should do that to mathematics not English stop wasting out time isu vamwe our kids are out of the country saka vanozoita sei??

    2. This is unfair minister did you ever consider studients who out of the country since they finished exams . Like now where do you think our parants will find money from !! Plue futi i straight U i fogort zve Zimsec izvo nyora iwe nevana vako Mavhima!

  2. What then happens to those, who cannot make February 16 date? There are some students, who have also left the country since last year’s examinations.

  3. Get away mhanhi .. Wht rubbish .. How dare u do such a stupid thing
    Indava uchida kufoirisa vanhu so
    .. what makes u so sure kuti hari leak futi iwe Paul .. Som times u shud assimilate your dissician before acting . Ini hangu I think ths was a rong move and besides this how do u tjink students who spent the whole three month slaking off.. can regain their mental stability within a week …. its not fair .. srs … not fair at all…

  4. What a shame on you ZimSec, are you admitting that your systems are porous or its deliberate that other people of your choice should get the papers ,but you act when you realize that the Gentiles have also accessed them. Why punish the whole country when it is known where this took place? My piece of advice, mark all papers all those with 100% be reduced to 50% . It would be better than rewrite.

  5. Bullshit imbwa dzevanhu kuswera makatimisa 3 mounths dzese takagara makagarira mapepa edu iwe PAUL ukwane usade kutinzwa tatokangamwa isu ndokuda kutifoirisa kuripaschena getaway

      1. Mr Paul this is being undogmas….why so dwindling our great days of prospering,saying should rewrite as you descored that we passed who are you spoiling our future,saka when shall we register for advanced level? ulachiswa mu boongo mudala

  6. This “new dispensation” on education is B******t to say the least. Fire the whole bloody ZIMSEC staff and the arrest the ministry of education for failing the nation.

  7. this clearly shows that Zimsec hamusi kugona basa its better kuti tidzokere ku camprige + mapepa anokangira kuvakuru ikoko

  8. Kutangidzisa fty…… Musatifunure hanty vakalinker saa mapepa makavabata… Zvobohwa apa mafinhura………… Usazodaroooo

  9. That’s a stupid decision…why didn’t you inform us a long time ago…you knew the paper had leaked yet you let us write the exam! All of a sudden you now say we have to rewrite…so ludicrous …how do you expect someone in Australia to get back?

  10. sure its not fair reconsider ur decision coz isu vamwe we have done nothing wrong tofira mastupid who do not trust their brains isu taiita day and nyt tichiverenga having sleepless nyts so why do we have to be punished

  11. imagine 3months no study,it’s a hole term and after that you expect candidates to sit for an exam.HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE?!


  13. Vakalikisa mapepa ngavaite re-write cause ndinenge ndr over seas andna mari ye transport ndidzoka sei kuzonyora bepa racho ndotadza nekuda kwe problem ye 1 school
    Musatidaro soo
    Matikuvadza manje

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