Paternity Tests Are Common World Over: Wicknell Slams “Ignorant” Zimbabweans

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has responded to criticism from people who accused him of humiliating his wife, Sonja, over the paternity of his child. Chivayo posted the paternity results for his child, John Chenjera, on social media soon after the birth of his child in the USA. This did not go down well with some quarters who felt the move was unnecessary and only served to impugn Zodwa’s character. The outspoken responded to the criticism with:

I posted a picture of my handsome baby boy here and insulting comments and inbox messages came in thousands – here haasi wako, tarisa maoko ayo, baba vemwana iyeye mukaradhi, iwe 37 years usina mwana saka chimbo mira nyaya yako tinoiziva hauzvare (The child isn’t yours. Look at his hands, the father’s race is coloured. You are 37 years, you’ve no child and we know that you are impotent) and many more you know just how lethal broke people are.

Then I decided to post the DNA results. Again you (Zimbabweans) scream at me again, wanyadzisa mukadzi (you’ve humiliated your wife), why were you doubting in the first place, this and that. Zimbabweans I can’t deal.

It’s only in Zimbabwe where people make a big issue about paternity tests but otherwise, it has become common practice the world over. Especially madzimai emu Zimbabwe, haadi kunzwa nyaya dze ma DNA because maka jaira ku chengetesa varume vana vasiri vavo (women in Zimbabwe don’t want to undergo DNA tests because they are used to having men raising children who aren’t theirs.) Anyway, case closed kana paine arwadziwa (whoever feels pained) tough luck.

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2 comments on “Paternity Tests Are Common World Over: Wicknell Slams “Ignorant” Zimbabweans

  1. A nation where there the majority of the population have been starved, lack education and opportunity and who have been repressed by Mugabe and Mnangagwa and their brutal regime can hardly expect to be fulfilling their intellectual potential.

    It would be a good exercise to look at those whose ideology Mnangagwa and Mugabe espouse Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao and North Korea now look at how the populations of each of the nations ruled by each of these men and then look at the standards in Zimbabwe Before Mugabe and Mnangagwa and then look at what happened after they stole the country and get the picture of their continuing vision for the general population of Zimbabwe.

    Mnangagwa and Mugabe cannot blame the downfall of the economy of Zimbabwe on Lobengula, The British, Ian Smith, Apartheid, Sanctions, the mean faeries or any other factor it always was their vision it is their vision and always will be their vision for the general population. Mnangagwa and Mugabe simply see the general population as their personal path to wealth and prosperity they are after all the ruling elite.

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