Jonathan Moyo Alleges That Itai Dzamara Was Abducted By The Military Under Chiwenga

Former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has accused Vice President, Retired General Constantino Chiwenga of being behind the disappearance of human rights activist Itai Dzamara in 2015. Moyo, who was forced to flee the country and go into exile after the fall of former president Robert Mugabe in November last year has been attacking President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces accusing them of staging a coup against Mugabe’s administration.

Moyo has been relegated to using Twitter for his communication to the people of Zimbabwe, as he is reportedly on the wanted list.  As the third anniversary to mark the disappearance of the missing human rights defender approaches, Moyo has alleged that Itai Dzamara was abducted by the Military Intelligence Directorate which was under the overall command of General Chiwenga who was the commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), until his recent retirement to take up politics. Moyo also accused Mohadi of being complicit in Dzamara’s abduction and demanded that President Mnangagwa and his two deputies should explain what happened to Dzamara. Writing on Twitter, Moyo said

In March 2015 Mohadi told Government (that) Dzamara was likely abducted and taken out of Zim in a staged antiGovernment plot. That March ED (Mnangagwa) told Parly ZRP were after culprits. It later transpired Dzamara was abducted by MID under Chiwenga, now VP with Mohadi. So ED and his VPs must ACCOUNT!

Ironically, when he was still a government minister Moyo initially dismissed the allegations that Dzamara had been abducted saying that he had probably slipped out through Zimbabwe’s notoriously porous borders. In a BBC Hardtalk interview Moyo said:

People disappear every day and you mention one person, but in fact, we have quite some porous borders. A lot of people cross borders without our knowing.

He also tweeted:

Those who say Itai Dzamara was abducted should prove their claims or be charged for creating alarm and despondency.

However, almost a year later he expressed regret for his statements and elaborated on his remarks on Twitter saying:

On Dzamara, while a lot has been said, including by me, the scary and indubitable fact is that he was abducted in broad daylight. So yes, it’s regrettable that I have said things that have unfortunately conflated and confused a missing person with an abducted person.

He stressed that Dzamara had been abducted although he refused to state who was behind the abduction. Speaking to the daily publication, NewsDay, Moyo added

…And my explanation was that I regret the fact that my comments conflated and confused the situation of a missing person with that of an abducted person. It is common cause that Dzamara did not go missing, but that he was taken away; that is, abducted in broad daylight and has not been seen since then. The distinction between a missing and an abducted person is important and I regret that my comments did not make that distinction clear.

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42 comments on “Jonathan Moyo Alleges That Itai Dzamara Was Abducted By The Military Under Chiwenga

  1. Is this the jonathan who crafter Aippa Psa and such like.He practically held the country ransom .if only Mugabe had not reengange jono he would sill be in power.I say any platform worth it’s salt should starve jonathan of attention.feed him some of his bitter pill .He sure will fade into nonentity where he belongs

  2. I suppose it’s a case of giving him enough rope to hang himself, personally I think he is disillusioned to think people really care about his utterances. He can make as much noise as he likes but it will just be falling on deaf ears….

  3. Why now nhai jonso… were an accomplice for keeping quiet all this while. Gees u ate such a loser and bitter man. Ingoti zete zvako. You should have blown the whistle then but instead chose to gag whoever dared to question. All those guys you are talking about were working on instruction y not start with the instructor?????!?;!!!! Nxa!!!!!

    1. Ah handti Chiwenga wacho aishanda on instruction from commander in chief??…..but y now don’t u see you are exposing the then CIC of defence forces. Aa wanga wakangonyarara makire ESE paya. Nxa!!!

  4. Iwevo urimo munyaya iyi udza vanhu kuna Itai because wakadyavo mari pakurashwa kwake so don’t blame vawakadya navo nokuti havachskudi

  5. Why now because iwe wamumatambudziko you want us to think unotida stereki. Pamaitonga maitaura zvamunoda wani. Tisiyei

  6. yu better kip yo mouth shut..u shuld hv said it way bek pazvakaitika yu wr part of it, now that yu hv been thrown out of e ship wakuhukura hurkura …

  7. Does this man truly think that after associating so closely with Toxic Grace, that her perfume still clings to his skin, and all the while helping himself to your wealth and freedoms whilst denying you the same he can simply switch from the left foot to the right and you the people of Zimbabwe will believe him

  8. Jonathan people say you are intelligent even Bob thought the same but I guess a one eyed man amongst the blind is king I remember Dr Edison Zvobgo addressing your Posa and Aipa Rubbish ” You are trying to create a government out of a ministry this is the worst attack on our liberties since independence ” Mugabe had given you the go ahead my comment is you and Robert are the worst thing that has happened to ZIMBABWEANS since Polio you brainless coot

  9. Shut-up Big Headed Jonathan you dont know what you are talking about. You want to paint the General with wrong paint. In Zim it is only the then Mugabe’s CIO guys who abducted and killed people not the ZDF. Unopenga. Wawata but muno haudzoki nxaaa

  10. I have always doubted Jonathan’s intelligence. While I agree with what he is saying now, I find this guy to be one of the most helplessly confused caped minds I have ever heard of in modern times. He is like a child: his business is to tell you what you want to hear so you buy him sweets!

  11. Jonso,u are the worst idiot I hav come across! Whom do u think u are? Y ddnt u tell it as it is panguva yacho? Yes we want d truth about Dzamara but coming from a deposed minister lyk u raises a lot of eyebrows. Pfutseeek nevaikutuma vacho mese tseeeeeeeeek,go n hang!!

  12. Stop playing the blame-game Johnso. You are complicit in this. Why blame Chiwenga and The Croc? He who digs the pit always falls in it. Look where you are now.

  13. Hu hu hu Jonzo why are you saying it now. I don’t believe you at all . Siiyana na Chiwenga wanzwa. Good rinouraya ? You Grace na Kasukuwere munoziwa zvamakaita kuna Itami Dzamara

  14. jonso shut your beak …y were you quiet all this tym ..maZimbo haana kupusa sewe….taneta ne nyaya dzako

  15. If John Moyo knows the circumstances of Dzamara’s abduction and or disappearance, then he is not the only one who knows about it. He was a minister of education then and was deemed not to know much about matters of security then.
    The fact that still remains is that Dzamara was abducted in broad daylight.
    There is no mention about the procedure of investigation into his abduction and or disappearance. The people of Zimbabwe would want to know how the police instituted their investigation and to what extent. They want to know whether there was interference or obstruction of any kind in police trying to execute their duty. When and what stopped the investigation into his abduction. What steps have been taken by the minister of Home affairs so far.
    Dzamara is not the 1st soul to disappear without traceable investigation.
    Surely if a country is let to opperate like this, then we are in and heading for more disaster.

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