You Can’t Send A Mosquito To Fight Malaria, ED Is Not Capable Of Fighting Corruption: Chamisa

MDC-T Vice President Nelson Chamisa has slammed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s fight on corruption saying that the law was being selectively applied against political foes. Chamisa accused Mnangagwa of being corrupt as well. The MDC-T vice president also criticised first lady Auxillia Mnangagwa for focusing on public relations instead of actually fixing the hospitals.

Speaking at a rally in Epworth to launch the MDC Alliance campaign, Chamisa said:

You can’t send a mosquito to fight malaria. ED (Mnangagwa) is not capable of fighting corruption because if he was to do so he would have to start with himself.

This business of the first lady running to hospitals to see patients instead of fixing those hospitals will end.

When we get into power by September these hospitals you see will not be death traps. These hospitals will be five-star hospitals…others are going to fake injuries just to get into the hospital.

In recent weeks, Chamisa has been accused of being a Mnangagwa plant embedded into the opposition to further the military’s plans.

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11 comments on “You Can’t Send A Mosquito To Fight Malaria, ED Is Not Capable Of Fighting Corruption: Chamisa

  1. It’s sad that name calling is still interred in the minds of people like Chamisa. The President has articulated his vision showing his political maturity without resorting to Chamisa’s gutter politics. Zimbabwe is sick of the brand of Chamisa’s politics which only creates hatred, division and violence. Grow up Chamusa and avoid mudslinging and personalisation, that’s cheap.

    1. Let me tell you one thing my fellow. If you still disrespect Chamisa’s ideologies then you only have prejudice against MDC. Do you think that for tge past 37 years ED and mugabe did not even ventured into corruption and nepotism together? Why is it that the ACC, they are not investigeting the members of the Team Lacoste, does it mean that all of them are playing safe and fighting for Zim to be a better country? Yes we do not have any problem with how ED is running his programmes bcoz he is proving to be of greater use, but don’t clash Chamisas point with no facts. Be well brethren

  2. But Chamisa, do they not say set a thief to catch a thief. Pres Mnangagwa is very clear on rooting out corruption. What seems to be lacking is the institutional capacity to prosecute and the condcut of ZACC which was the brainchild of R. Mugabe. By virtue of Mnangagwa being President he has immunity which he must use to prosecute all including his “friends”.

    Don’t be distracted by Chamisa Mr. President.

  3. Zimbabweans are patient people we waited for 37 years for this change lets gie ED chance and see what he is up to if he derails we will then vote him out

  4. Why can’t Chimisa just focus on what his party will do as an alternative without resorting to cheap name calling!

  5. Please Guys campaign pasina kutukana kana kushorana vimbisai vanhu zvinobatika uye zvamunozokwanisa kuzadzikisa. Kutukana ngaigume. Ndatenda Hangu.

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