Video: Professor Jonathan Moyo On BBC Hardtalk, Says Mnangagwa Is Afraid Of Elections

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Former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo appeared on BBC Hardtalk, his first interview since the military takeover by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces on 14 November 2017. Moyo is yet to make a public appearance since Operation Restore Legacy and has refused to divulge his whereabouts, saying that he fears for his life. He described the events of the fateful night claiming that he was attacked by Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers.

What is ironic is that when he was the Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo banned the BBC from reporting in Zimbabwe, and expelled their journalists out of the country, but he is relying on the same agency to tell his side of the story.

Here is the video:

Video Credit: BBC

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  1. Khaya Reply

    Politicians are cowards and politic is a dirt thing.When the then VP Mnangagwa got fired Professor J.Moyo laughed and boasted that the guilty are running away,when he feared for his life(Cde Mnangagwa).When the tables turned upside down Professor J.Moyo disappeared in the thin air,he is guilty and running away.It is good when the barrel of a is pointing to defenceless people,when the forefinger is in the trigger,shouting,swearing and mocking poor victims.Why because J Moyo knows about the introduction of draconian laws.Now the wild dogs are after you.You will live a life of a shrub rabbit.I hope they won’t sniff you out of your hiding.Good lucky Johnny

  2. moyo Reply

    Shame on you Jonathan .remember POSA and one will ever sympathise with you and we will hunt you until we find you

  3. est Reply

    when gangstesr fight they make me laugh this is going to be a hard laugh which rule of law are you talking about Godfathers law kikikki they was never ever rule of law Mnangagwa felt it was his turn to the Godfather you Moyo bring back what you have looted Zimbabwe will love I will love bring back the loot love our money i love pinduka

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