First Lady Calls For Stiffer Sentences For Rape Of Minors

The First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa has called on the government to introduce stiffer sentences for rape, especially that of minors. The first lady expressed her concern that most of the perpetrators are close family members, who often times do not face justice because they will be protected by the family. A proposal to have a mandatory minimum sentence of 60 years for convicted rapists is being reviewed after some cabinet ministers expressed their reservations saying the proposed sentence was too severe.

Speaking at Mutoko’s Mother of Peace Children’s Home, the first lady said:

Vana ava vanda security (These children need security) . . . from the tours I have made so far, I have realised that rape is rife among minors, with close relatives being the main perpetrators. And yet, the current rape sentence isn’t deterrent enough.

The authorities should make the sentences stiffer to deter future perpetrators from carrying out the same act. Rape perpetrators shouldn’t be left scot-free.

Guardians are protecting rapists at the expense of abused minors. All rape cases must be reported even if the accused is your husband or neighbour.

In a rape case, the victim is the one who suffers the most, hence, perpetrators must be severely punished.

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