Kwekwe MP Freed On Charges Of Abusing Donated Maize

Kwekwe Central MP Masango Matambanadzo was freed by Magistrate Story Rushambwa of criminal abuse of office charges. He was accused  of abusing 647 bags of maize which was meant for the vulnerable in his constituency.

Magistrate Rushambwa dismissed the charge as fatally defective and said the State can proceed by way of summons. The State alleged that Matambanadzo received grain in November 2017 but did not distribute it using laid down procedures. However Magistrate Rushambwa said the State was not being consistent. Said Rushambwa:

The contradiction in both the charge sheet and the State outline is that at one point we are told that he distributed the maize whilst in another instance we are told that he has the maize. So what is the correct position? The charge sheet is fatally defective and the MP being a resident of Kwekwe can be summoned to court after the State has put its house in order.

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