Magaya Launches Mobile App “Lets Chat” To Curb Fake News

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founding leader Walter Magaya met ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira and launched a mobile application called Lets Chat. He said that the application can be used to pay for electricity and can carry out as many as 20 video conference calls.

He said that there is a notification tab which can be used to curb fake news. Said Magaya:

Of course it’s difficult to curb fake news, but on our Lets Chat we have a space called notification. Notification is a tab which is our tab as the host of Lets Chat. For example there is fake news circulating maybe saying that Magaya is dead. On our notification you can post the real news. For example speaking out of record let us look at WhatsApp, if fake news is circulating the owners of WhatsApp we don’t know them, they cannot clarify whatever news is circulating. But us as Lets Chat we can actually send a disclaimer and say “what is circulating has not been produced by us, people are just speaking, the truth is like this and this and this”. And I think someone will believe a tab like that which you cannot reply to which is only telling the truth.

The mobile application was launched at PHD’s Crossover Night and has over 120 000 downloads so far.

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