Mnangagwa Warns Chiwenga And Mohadi, Outlines Their Mandate

Speaking after the swearing in of his deputies, Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the work of the two Vice Presidents will be to supervise ministers.

He also warned Chiwenga and Mohadi that days of complacency and absenteeism in the public service were long gone. Said Mnangagwa:

The new Vice Presidents are not only expected to perform, but to show results and that entails guarding against complacency. They have to drive the Ministers. The performance of the Ministers will be reflected by the supervision given by the two Vice Presidents so the assessment of the two will be based on what comes out of our ministries.

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31 comments on “Mnangagwa Warns Chiwenga And Mohadi, Outlines Their Mandate

    1. Variety is the spice of life. Change is a need for Zimbabwe. ZANUPF has failed to the extreme. There’s absolutely nothing it can do to turn around the economy. Change is the constant and it’s inevitable. The cabinet is deadwood. Todate there’s no funds in the bank, yet the same brood who ran down the economy continue to enjoy whilst the entire nation continues to lament in poverty. Let’s not be a**e leakers.

  1. Is the dog wagging its tail or the tail wagging the dog.We all know the military put ED in power so who is in charge? If Chiwenga doesn’t perform will ED fire him?

  2. Kana mari ikauya murikufunga munoiwana here nembavha idzi.kundi u are rite kudakara hurumende yezanu yabva IMF yozounza mari.

  3. After 37 years in power and failing the country no miracles from ED, please Zimbabwe look up and decide once and for all to remove the cancerous ZANU PF.

  4. maybe you are saying this you have someone close to you in the government. right now we wish to be in our country but because there is no jobs we are living in a foreign nation.

    1. vamwe munozombotaura nonsense, how could u think ED will do changes though he was with Zanu pf for 37 years….. Vamwe munongotaura musina kufunga expecially vana DICKSON i suggest munobhema mbanje.


  6. what good can came from the most looters and murderous everyone knows that chiwenga kills for pleasure and he is proud of it he killed the ma range people for their diamond fields and not forgetting the ndebeles for being ndebele and mahod a proud looter.. Dickson! dick !dick shut it and zippy it

  7. at CDE,imi motopenga worse imari ngani donated to Zim since 1980 but murikungokwangwaya nanhasi,use your brains to think not your current situation,kasi you are in the gvnt kayi kuti muloote futi sezvamunongosiita

  8. Noone can be trusted in Zim. In 2000 zvaingoda zvivindi zvekusatya kurohwa to represent MDC zvekuti most MDC candidates then vaitopfeka mapatapata. Asi pavakangopinda chete mupolitics, some of them are now filthy rich. Chatinoda senyika kutanga tabatana semhuri yeZimbabwe kurwisa cancer inonzi corruption iyi yatekeshera muropa remwana wevhu.

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