It’s Treasonous To Suggest That Mnangagwa Came To Power Through A Coup: Temba Mliswa

Former Zanu-PF legislator and independent member of parliament (MP) Temba Mliswa has said that it is “criminal and treasonous” to suggest that President Emmerson Mnangagwa came to power through a military coup. Mliswa argues that former president Robert Mugabe was the commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) and that only he (Mugabe) has the power to declare the military intervention a coup. Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s Head of State for 37 years, only stepped down in November following a massive loss of support from Zanu-PF and the people of Zimbabwe, after the ZDF launched a military takeover codenamed Operation Restore Legacy. Mliswa chose to describe the intervention as a transition which was both smooth and bloodless.

Speaking at his Christmas cheer fund in Norton, Mliswa said:

There is no coup when the person targeted goes on national television to say that I am working very well with people who have staged a coup on me. Let me correct this, the commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces was Mugabe and he was the only one with the power to say there is a coup and for anyone to suggest that it’s criminal and it’s treasonous.

It was a smooth transition where no blood was spilled (sic) and when you are asked where was the coup where is the evidence from the former President?  It is clear that no such a thing ever happened.

Following Mnangagwa’s inauguration, High Court judge president Justice George Chiweshe ruled that the military takeover was constitutional and well within the law.

The Africam Union has also said that there was no coup declaring that there was no loss of life during the transition. The AU said that the military takeover was just dialogue between national leaders.  However, former cabinet minister and alleged Generation 40 (G40) Faction mastermind Jonathan Moyo has disputed this assertion. Moyo has said that lives were lost and that it is a lie to describe the military takeover as “bloodless.”

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One Comment on “It’s Treasonous To Suggest That Mnangagwa Came To Power Through A Coup: Temba Mliswa

  1. Stupid imbecile Mliswa. You are a confused hip hop wure singing for your food. What constitutes a coup? Zip your foul mouth. The Commander in Chief of defence forces is the ONLY authority mandated to deploy armed forces. If the uniformed forces deploy themselves to put the commander who happens to be the President in house arrest and then force and blackmail him to resign and arrest those loyal to him including taking over of radio stations, is that not a coup? A coup is not judged by litres of blood split but by mutinous and treasonous acts of armed uniform forces. What the commanders of defence forces did was treasonous,mutinous and rebellious acts and should have been court martialed and shot by firing squad. We have to hand it over to the soldiers who carried out a smart coup just in time tostop grace who had instiginated a smart bedroom coup and was causing mayhem in govt and Zanu Pf party and was a threat to security. The judge who declared that there was no coup is an idiot who misdirected himself on senseless partisan rulling. Sadac and AU vagara they are irrelavant as Temba Mliswa, many a time they have been legalising Mugabe’s illegal rule who was winning the last 3 elections thru rigging. They are a bunch grouping of idiots with no principles. The truth is that a coup took place but isu veZimbabwe takafarira mawuto akatisunungura kunaRobert nomdzimai vake anodhunya amai Marujata.

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