Police Officers Banned From Owning Kombis

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) sources that spoke to The Herald said Acting Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga ordered officers not to be involved in the transport business as part of measures to end corruption and restore public confidence in the force. Matanga is said to have made the order last week during a meeting he held with senior police officers.

Matanga also said that all the money that was being deducted through Kuyedza Women’s Club should be done voluntarily or willingly. The ZRP source told The Herald:

The police chief emphasised during the meeting that the following should stop; that is unsanctioned money collection. Kuyedza should be done as per policy-standing and that resources constraints should not be used as an excuse for poor service delivery. He also said there was not going to be any transport business among officers and that members should work towards building public confidence. And that indiscipline and corruption should stop.

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Godwin MatangaZimbabwe Republic Police

Godwin Tandabantu Matanga is a senior Zimbabwean law enforcement officer. Matanga is the current Commissioner-General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. He was named acting Commissioner-General after long-serving ZRP Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri retired in December 2017. On 12 February 2017, the Public Service Commission announced Matanga's... Read More About Godwin Matanga

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is the country's law enforcing and maintaining organ. It was established in 1980 evolving from the Rhodesian Police and incorporated members from both the Rhodesian and the nationalist forces. It operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Read More About Zimbabwe Republic Police

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2 comments on “Police Officers Banned From Owning Kombis

  1. I am not sure if this does not interfer with the police rights as citizens of the country. Yet on the other hand, the biggest rot is definately in these road blocks which are mounted every where and resulting in the combi drivers having to pay in every corner. The worst thing is that even if the vehicles are out of order, paying a bribes means the vehicle can operate regardless of the condition and thus puts passengers at risks.

    Traveling from plumtree to Bulawayo, most vehicles belong to Police Officers and therefore driving on those, you are guaranteed that you shall not be delayed on the road as Police Owned vehicles are waived go through. Many police Officers definately own such.

    The next on this corruption lots is the Plumtree Vehicle Inspection department. In Plumtree these guys are more corrupt than the police. In our rural areas from Plutree to say Nyabane, Tshankwa, Zimnyama, Mlomwe, Ntunungwe, etc. etc, you name them. There are no officially registered Combis. As a result, both the police and VID personally go mount road blocks so that these private vehicles are made to pay in order to carry passengers. Please kindly get me right, these people are made to pay to the police and VID and once paid bribes, they can then ferry a trip and another trip also requires its brib.

    The unfortunate thing is that these drivers do not even know their rights, they are paying 200% of the money they are actually required to pay for by law. These drivers therefore need to be educated on their rights. They are being robbed by both the police and VID.

    We therefore need an anti-curruption unit which will deal with both police and vid departments. But more so, we need drivers educated of their rights.

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