Jonathan Moyo Says the African Union Is Lying That Military Intervention Was Bloodless

Exiled former Cabinet minister and alleged G40 Faction Kingpin Jonathan Moyo, has disputed claims by the African Union that the military intervention carried out by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in November was bloodless. Moyo insisted that there were “untold fatalities” and rampant torture during Operation Restore Legacy. AU commissioner for peace and security Smail Chergui described the military’s takeover of power as “dialogue between the leadership of the country.” Speaking to Russian publication Sputnik, Chergui said:

We didn’t lose a single life in this process, totally peaceful and at the end, even the [former] president left with honour.

It was just a dialogue between the leadership of the country and the president and they convinced him that maybe some of the actions taken, including around him and his immediate surrounding, were not good for the country, and he accepted to submit his resignation willingly.

Moyo disputed this saying:

“…About the coup, it’s a lie to say it was bloodless. There are untold fatalities, rampant torture, illegal arrests & detentions & internal & external displacement of citizens!”

Moyo also accused the military of launching the military intervention to benefit Chiwenga and Mnangagwa personally. Moyo, who has been relying on Twitter for communication said:

With Chiwenga appointed VP, I take a break from my break to say the appointment confirms the 15 Nov military coup. President Mugabe was ousted not to benefit Zimbabwe but Chiwenga & Mnangagwa personally. Coup commanders & coup tribalists have been promoted to higher offices!

For the record, lawful Zimbabweans know the JUNTA & its Illegitimate coup govt aren’t one & the same thing as the COUNTRY. President Mugabe did not have to be humiliated & ousted in a MILITARY COUP by Zanu PF TRIBALISTS claiming loyalty to him. No! No!

The decision by the Junta & Mnangagwa to take away from PF Zapu, with no election, the post of National Chairman has destroyed the Unity Accord. It’s gone. Everyone can now see that the MILITARY COUP was done by gukurahundists & tribalists in Zanu PF!

The Junta & ED’s Zanu-PF tribalists have committed:
*Gukurahundi atrocities: 1980-1987
*Military violence on Mujuru & others: 2008
*Gamatox purges on Mujuru & supporters: 2014
*Coup to oust & humiliate Pres Mugabe: 2017
*Armed attacks on G40 & backers: 2017

My politburo video of 19 July 2017 on the Mnangagwa/Chiwenga coup plot has been proven by events.

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