First Lady Makes Another Surprise Hospital Visit, Catches Staff Unaware At Mpilo, UBH

First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa made another surprise visit at United Bulawayo Hospital and Mpilo Hospital. This comes a few weeks after she made another surprise visit to Harare Hospital. The first lady wanted to experience first hand what patients go through. According to a report by ZBC, the nurses at Mpilo Hospital were unaware of her identity and treated her like any other patient. Some of the nurses reportedly took their time and had no sense of urgency. Mrs Mnangagwa was informed that there were no cards to take her admission details and the nurses had to use a piece of paper.

The first lady later gave financial assistance to the mother of Charles Nyathi, who was crying as she had no money to pay for her son’s liver treatment. She also visited the children’s ward and donated grocery hampers.

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21 comments on “First Lady Makes Another Surprise Hospital Visit, Catches Staff Unaware At Mpilo, UBH

  1. Those nurses should be fired immediately because they do not value human life even though they took Hippocratic Oarth.

    1. This reminds me Christopher Ushewekundze the First Zim black minister of Health he went to desguised as an Oldman an nurses mocked at him when sought for attention! Hands up mrs President so can how things when you are’ Umntu kazana”/public/Povo!

  2. Bless you madam first Lady A.Munangagwa. The surprise visits teaches workers to be always prepared. There wi be better service delivery.

  3. We are behind you First Lady, moyo wakanaka kudaro kunge zvaiitwa naamai vevanhu (Sally Mugabe) . Plz dont STOP IT

  4. Nothing was stopping this lady and other wealthy ladies of this society to do the same before and report on shocking conditions everywhere. It is not that I am not supporting this trend, I really am, but the concern for the nation should not start only when one becomes First Lady.

    1. Who cares about a wealthy lady?its good that she is using her position for influence .People may respect your position but your wealth is yours to live by.

  5. I wish she also visit the Zimbabwe Republic Police bosses who are stealing subordinates’ hard earned BVR deployment money.Your excellency President E.D Munangagwa the low ranked cops are appealing to you for help.This is not a framed story,these people are contradicting your pledge to stop corruption.The other civil servants are getting their money directly from ZEC why the members of the ZRP’s payments are going through the hands of their bosses are they not civil servants like others?Our money stolen must be returned and those who are not yet paid because their money is held by these greed and corrupt bosses must be paid.If not then let the state mention it publicly tha being a low ranked member of the ZRP is bondage other than employment.

  6. hmmm she so concerned with the sicial well being of patients. keep it up these good works amai. i love u so much. but these nurses should be brought to book. munotoda kuiswa ma inspector mumahospitals nema cctv coz mapatients aripanhamo nemanesi.

  7. You are great Amai. This gives us a glimpse of the type of advise you give to your husband. It’s not about zvituko (a speciality of the former first lady) but service delivery.We are fully behind you. You are stealing all the thunder. God bless you richly.

  8. Good job madam thank you. Next time we vote every candidate must have a background check if you did something to the community not just come from nowhere.

  9. We says this may just be a ploy to built the husbasnd image and goodwill kuitira elections next year.Wsnt she an MP in some constituency before.kO SEI VANGA VASIRIKUZVIITA NGUVA YOSE IYI.kUDYIWA SEMATEMBA TAKASVINURA CHAIKO.

  10. Well done Mrs mnangagwe, you can now see the state of the hospitals and the lazy and rude response of doctors and nursers !

  11. the starting point should have been a surprise visit to budget allocation to the ministry. surprise visits to embarrass the already embarrassed work force who are poorly remunerated its á joke. hér health history was written on a newsprint. if the institution was adequately funded hér history would have been written on a more special retrievable material

  12. Thank you Amai Mnanagwa for attending to the challenges in the health sector …… a lot of money is “wasted” by individuals and families seeking treatment out of the country when we have staff and can have adequate money allocated to local institutions…..fewer workshops, fewer ceremonies of various occasions such as the international day of this or that and more time with patients is what is needed for a vibrant, effective and efficient health system…tinotenda kubatika kwenyu nenyaya dzehutano hwemhuri yeZimbabwe First Lady..vedu. may God continue to inspire and Bless you…

  13. wooooooow!!! am so touched with such a mother a change for the good can finally be achieved .Sally is back (Love you amai) a true mother

  14. the health sector is always underfunded and budget allocations less than 10% such a critical area surely Mrs Manangagwa you have seen first hand how bad things are at our public hospitals, Kushaya Card rekunyorera is just a tip of the iceberg, a lot of resources are just not there, not mentioning much needed essential drugs

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