MDC-T Calls For Unconditional Lifting Of Sanctions

MDC-T has called for the unconditional lifting of sanctions following accusations that members of the MDC Alliance were in the United States to call for the extension of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Yesterday, MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu posted on Facebook:

All forms of sanctions that were imposed against Zimbabwe must be IMMEDIATELY removed!!!

In an interview with Southern Eye, Gutu said that it is his party’s position that sanctions must be lifted. Said Gutu:

That is our party position. The MDC-T is against and does not believe in any forms of sanctions, and we are saying they must be lifted.

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5 comments on “MDC-T Calls For Unconditional Lifting Of Sanctions

  1. Sorry MDC-T, I thought it was propaganda when former president cde R.G. Mugabe said you are the ones who went to ask for sanctions. I didnt know that it is true only to see it by my eyes, live and direct. I used to support MDC but sorry you missed my support by the way you intend to solve issues. In short you are sell outs that run their party in the expense of us the general populace of Zimbabwe. If i were Biti in person i would have marketed Zimbabwe. Because honestly we must not make politics and economics go hand in hand. I think we have to run them parallel. I as a youth i will mobilize all Zimbabweans to vote against you because what it means your administration is a puppet of US of which we dont want to ruled that way. Apparently what type of democracy and human rights you went and try to look from US yet they are the most human rights violators eg Libya,Israel and Palestine. Kenya etc. Shame on you MDC!!!!

  2. It is sad to see power hungry people rushing to go and approach the US leadership in a bid to make sure Zimbabweans continue suffering. We as Zimbabweans want peace and we wish to live a hustle free life regardless of who is the President of the country. We have some change in governance for now why not unite for the same cause instead of stirring for another phase and fresh page of suffering for the natives. MDC Alliance has failed to show us that they have the people at heart. Why did the so called alliance not go and approach the US government when Mugabe was ruling. what wrong has E.D Mnangagwa done so far? Stop this devilish political behaviour and go back to your professions, work for your families and leave Zimbabweans. You bring us no solutions as a nation. You should be thinking of unity of purpose instead of calling for sanctions of whatever form on our nation. Shame on you MDC Alliance.

  3. You language betrays you. You were never M.D.C. T. We have been in the opposition trenches for a long time. We are well versed with Zanu PF’s language of MASS DECEPTION. The true cadres of M.D.C.T will not be easily hoodwinked. Come free and fair election we will be winners.

    1. @Focused. To hell with MDC-T. A private property of Tsvangirai better you form MDC-F (Focused) i will have something to discuss with you. At this stage i want a response from Morgan not you.

  4. The idea of asking for sanctions from the West cannot be news today because Tsvangirai agreed he did that and he was quoted at one of his rallies saying “munenzara here?” when people responded “E-he” he went on to say “hamusati, kana mave nenzara muchaziva pekuvhotera”. And all this is on record.

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