Mnangagwa to introduce currency for Zim: Mutsvangwa

Presidential advisor Christopher Mutsvangwa has said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s priority is to introduce a currency for Zimbabwe. Mutsvangwa said this during a meet the people rally on Tuesday to introduce his wife Monica Mutsvangwa as new Minister of State for Manicaland.

Said Mutsvangwa:

One thing for certain which touched President’s heart was the issue of re- introducing our own currency; that matter has generated a lot of interest amongst investors from South Africa, China even in the European Union who want to see this country progressing. President Mnangagwa is being accepted across the world with various countries pledging to work and assist the country to retain to its former glory. He has the goodwill to do it. That goodwill will give confidence for the re- introduction of our local currency. We will then start to rebuild our country with a stable currency so that we develop as people



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