Govt to deploy ZDF at Beitbridge border post to remove touts, vendors and beggars

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) will be deployed to Beitbridge border post to remove touts, vendors and beggars.

Said Chinamasa:

In order to eliminate inefficiencies due to congestion arising from activities of unauthorised persons operating at Beitbridge Border. Post, and also drawing from the new dispensation, as enunciated by His Excellency, the President, Government proposes an extension of Operation Restore Legacy by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, to Beitbridge Border Post, in order to restore order.

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The Zimbabwe Defence Forces command structures will, therefore, with immediate effect, coordinate with other security agencies removal of touts, vendors and beggars from the Customs Controlled Area.

Chinamasa also proposed other initiatives to ease entry and exit of tourists and travellers, improve trade facilitation and revenue collection efficiency at Beitbridge Port of Entry which include the full roll out of the Electronic Cargo Tracking System; connection of electronic manifest control system to the ASYCUDA World Server; harmonisation of Container Depot operations to 24 hours in line with the Border Post operating hours and connection of mobile scanners to ASYCUDA World Server in order to enable real time entry and timely acquittal of goods.


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4 comments on “Govt to deploy ZDF at Beitbridge border post to remove touts, vendors and beggars

  1. This is not operation murambatvina. the vendors and beggars are safe, we are only targeting the informal traders around them.

  2. Thats a good idea when i always think of visiting zim it bcomes a stress to me.i feel not safe when pple call me for foreign currency xchange.

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