Prof Moyo Attacks ZDF Generals, Mnangagwa Over Gukurahundi, Declares They Will Not Last “Come Rain Or Shine”

Former Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education and alleged G40 Faction mastermind, Professor Jonathan Moyo has of late been attacking President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Generals for allegedly coming to power through the use of military arms. Moyo is yet to appear in public ever since the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched Operation Restore Legacy which ultimately resulted in the ascendancy of Mnangagwa to lead the country after the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe.

Moyo has taken to using social media site, Twitter to launch broadsides at the generals, whom he terms “gukurahundists” and “genocidal junta” and the president who he terms a “genocidal gukurahundist.” Moyo accused Mnangagwa and the generals of having a sense of entitlement and declared that they are not going to last, “come rain or shine.” According to Moyo, Mugabe was willing to hand over power to the youth, and was only stopped from doing so by the generals who he accuses of feeling entitled. He goes on to add that any political transition which is not based on youth is “hollow and therefore doomed” to fail. Said Moyo:

Any change or political transition in Zimbabwe which, 37 years after independence, is not based on or driven by #generationalrenewal to bring the youth who are the country’s demographic majority into mainstream politics; is hollow and therefore doomed!

Firstly President Mugabe had an electoral mandate up to 22 July 2018. Secondly and most important he was committed to handing over to the youth whose time has come through #generationalrenewal. This was at odds with the Junta who believe in entitlement!

Only an idiot would think it is smart for a genocidal junta to violently shoot itself into power to install a fellow genocidal gukurahundist under the mantra of stockholder entitlement. If you & your lot think that will last, then you ain’t seen nothing yet; come rain or shine!

The tragedy of the gun in Zim is that it’s controlled by the same 1980s Gukurahundists who’ve committed atrocities before and gotten away with it; and who are thus prone to repeat the atrocities ad infinitum unless & until the people take control of the gun! #GenerationalRenewal

Responding to President Mnangagwa’s three-month amnesty to return illegally externalised funds, Moyo goes on to accuse Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander, General Constantino Chiwenga of having looted 15 Billion from the Chidzwa diamond fields. Moyo urges the President and the general to lead by example and to return the $15 billion from China where they allegedly stashed it.

Good start indeed. So let him & Chiwenga lead by example by returning the $15 billion from China!

The presumption that an old violent & looting dog can practice new tricks is nothing but a fallacy. Once a 1980s military Gukurahundist, always a Gukurahundist & once a Chiadzwa diamond looter, always a looter!

Moyo who was reported to have been arrested by the military in the aftermath of Operation Restore Legacy, seems to be finding his tongue again and is tweeting more regularly.  There have been unverified reports that he is now outside the country living in exile.

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16 comments on “Prof Moyo Attacks ZDF Generals, Mnangagwa Over Gukurahundi, Declares They Will Not Last “Come Rain Or Shine”

  1. Prof Moyo, but you are the ones who were also propping up the rule of the Gukurahundi master mind yourself (the former President) by your spin doctor tactics. Ko itaika jambanja renyu ne Junta tione kuti you are man enough. Why hiding behind a ball point pen all the time. Bilo ne pfuti mazoona kuti zvakasiyanaka? You had your chance to make things good for the populace, but you chose to help plunder resources. Tibvirei apo muuye kuzozvimiririra kana musina mhosvaka.

  2. Gukurahundi was originally engineered by Mugabe but Jonathan never said anything about it during Mugabe’s reign. He is now mentioning it because he is in a shit hole that he doesn’t know how to get out of and he is using Gukurahundi to work his way up. If he cares so much about Gukurahundi why didn’t he make Grace address that issue. What was done was bad and can never be justified but it’s in the past now, Jonathan shouldn’t try to cause tribal wars and tensions.

  3. Let’s not talk of Gukurahundi this time around.That was a passing phase Jonso.If you want to talk of it do not forget the Ndebele Mashona war where The other tribe took cattle and beautiful wives and girls and killed millions during their raids in the early 1890s.Let’s not try to remind what happened long back.Let’s move on and share the seed of forgiveness.Come out from your bunker Jonso if you are clean.

    1. The fundamental difference between the pre-colonial Matabele/Shona raids & gukurahundi is that while those that executed the barbaric tribal raids on Shonas all died & were buried,those who perpetrated gukurahundi are living & wallking among us.They must,thus,face justice!

  4. Sorry Moyo. We will stand by the crocodile come rain come thunder. You supported madness from so called Dr amai and you are begginning to attack a promising change of leadership. Weldone ED and you have started well.

  5. Jonah …it starts in bible ..u have always been a coward…now you are talking shit,giving threats simply bcz u are out of the game..g40 crooks u thought u were simply untouchable… Makamama

  6. Fuck you Jonathan why were you quiet all along , toothless dog l am just glad you guys are out of the game . Go to hell with your poor personality and mentality how can an intelligent man support Grace Mugabe at the expense of the whole nation , it really shows you have no nation at heart why pretending as if you care. What about the likes of Job Sikhala , Learnmore Jongwe and so forth , you have nothing to do with them ? Life goes on baba ‘stop it’ and look for something else to do. We are tired of you guys full of hopeless minds and corruption

  7. Your English maybe good but you are a flip flopper . Grace is now immune from prosecution but you are not. wakashandiswa,, you are now in a mess, you are in hiding. Pay back the Zimdef funds, you thirf

    1. jonso you are so right about Mnangagwa but you know what my friend…iwe na Zhuwau na Kasukuwere mese ma gay gangsters ..this time makamama fu#k you all

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