Mugabe’s Nephew Loses Powerful Post In Zimbabwe Republic Police

Former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) deputy commissioner-general (DCG) Innocent Matibiri has been transferred to head the ZRP’s Human Resources. Before the transfer Matibiri was in charge of Operations, which is considered very powerful and influential. This is a straight swap between Mabibiri and DCG Levy Sibanda, who was previously in charge of operations.

Matibiri is one of four deputy commissioner-generals and was touted as a strong candidate to succeed police commissioner-general, Augustine Chihuri, until Mugabe’s resignation last week.

A police source who spoke to the Daily Publication said:

He was moved when the military intervention took place. This has been advised internally, although strangely there has been no memo or radio (communication) sent out to stations to advise of the latest development

Matibiri together with Chihuri are reported to have assembled a team of police officers from the Support Unit to arrest Commander Defence Forces Constantino Chiwenga when he returned from China. However, military intelligence learned of the plot ahead of time and managed to thwart it. Chiwenga went on to lead Operation Restore Legacy which ultimately resulted in Mugabe resigning.

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