15 Things We Noted From Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Speech At His Inaugaration

Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe at the National Sports Stadium today. He was sworn in by Chief Justice Luke Malaba. President Mnangagwa succeeded former president Robert Mugabe to become Zimbabwe’s third President since its independence in 1980. However, he is Zimbabwe’s Second Executive President after Robert Mugabe who was the first in 1987.  The first president of Zimbabwe, Canaan Banana was a Ceremonial President.

Here are some of the things  we noted from President Mnangagwa’s Speech: 

1. Tribute To Former President Robert Mugabe

Mnangagwa paid tribute to former President Robert Mugabe. He said that Mugabe should be lauded and celebrated for leading the country during the liberation war and during the formative years. He urged all people to forgive Mugabe for any errors of omission or commission he may have committed. Mnangagwa also said that he hopes that History will judge Robert Mugabe kindly and recognise the important role he played in Zimbabwe as its founding father.


2. Serving all The People Who Call Zimbabwe Home

Mnangagwa emphasized that he intended and was required to serve all citizens of Zimbabwe, regardless of race, colour, creed, religion or political affiliation. He said that he was going to serve everyone who called Zimbabwe home. He said Zimbabweans must work together as there were many opportunities available for those who consider Zimbabwe their home.


3. Succession

Mnangagwa addressed the issue of succession broadly saying that African states should continue to pass the baton of leadership from generation to generation. He paid tribute to former heads of state who were present saying they were evidence of successful  succession policies in their countries. He singled out former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda by name.


4. The Past and Gukurahundi

Mnangagwa did not address the issue of Gukurahuindi directly although he did emphasise that we cannot change the past.He emphasised that the nation should never remain hostages of the past and that people should let bygones be bygones.


5. Land Reform

Mnangagwa made it clear that there was no going back on the issue of the Fast Track Land Reform Programme.  He said that other nations needed to realise that the land reform was inevitable and that the principle of repossessing the land cannot be challenged or reversed as this would be a betrayal of the people who died during the Second Chimurenga Liberation War.


6. Compensation For Former Farm Owners

Mnangagwa said that his government is committed to compensating all former farmers who lost their land after compulsory acquisition by the government. He added that the land would be compensated according to the laws of Zimbabwe.


7. 2018 Elections

Mnangagwa emphasised that the 2018 harmonised Elections will still be held as scheduled next year and that the elections will be free and fair.

8. Corruption

The new president emphasised that all acts of corruption must stop and that Swift justice will be meted out for acts of corruption.


9. Foreign Investments

Mnangagwa said that all Foreign Investment Will Be protected in Zimbabwe and that his government will abide by the terms of all bilateral agreements. He also said that policies will need change so as to attract Foreign Direct Investments.


10. Re-engagement with other Nations

Mnangagwa said that his government is ready and willing to re-engage with all the nations of the world despite the fact that some bigger nations had attempted to make Zimbabwe bend to their dictates. He also called for the lifting of sanctions saying that Zimbabwe needs a new beginning. He added that Zimbabwe does not want to be isolated and that it is ready to embrace each and every nation.

11. Civil Servants

The president warned the civil service that the era of business as usual has come to an end. He said all public officials must serve the people and deliver results. President Mnangagwa also added that there was going to be a new culture that did not condone absenteeism or extortion of the public in exchange for service.  Civil servants were strongly urged to speedily answer questions and provide services without bureaucratic holdups.


12. Financial Services and Liquidity

Mnangagwa said that his government would ensure that the financial sector was viable. He said that financial institutions will need to be reformed so that they reduce bank charges in order to bring back a culture of saving money. He indicated that policies will be crafted to ensure that liquidity was addressed so as to allow people to access their money and savings whenever they wanted…


13. Domestic Politics

Mnangagwa said that he would run an administration that recognises strength in diversity. The administration’s policies are meant to cover all groups, organisations and communities. He also pointed to the need for policies that benefit all people especially the future generations.


14. Economic Policies and Economic development

The president said that the Economy will be predicated on the Command Agriculture programme as this will ensure a growing economy and food security for the country.

He said that his government is only interested in investments that put a premium on the creation of jobs for the people.

15. International Relations

Mnangagwa said that his government will be committed to regional and international bodies such as SADC, the  African Union and the United Nations. Also, he pledged that Zimbabwe would play its role fully in the AU. He went on to call for reforms in the United Nations and declared his support for the recognition of Palestine and the Saharawi.

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