If There Were Genuine Statesmen In Zanu-PF, There Would Have Been Mass Resignations


Former spokesperson for Joice Mujuru’s opposition party, the National People’s Party (NPP), Jealousy Mawarire has slammed cabinet ministers and other senior civil servants for not being genuine statesmen. Mawarire, who is an avowed supporter of the G40 Faction, claimed that if there were genuine statesman among Mugabe’s “cronies” they should have resigned together with Mugabe. Mawarire indirectly cited Minister of Home Affairs Obert Mpofu, who once signed a letter to Mugabe with the complimentary close “Your most obedient son.” Mawarire argues that Mugabe was not alone in managing the affairs of the country, and as such all those who were helping him should have resigned as well.

Mawarire, who is claiming that he fled to the United Kingdom, used microblogging site Twitter to say:

If we had genuine statesmen among Mugabe cronies, we should have woken up to an avalanche of resignations today. Mugabe was not alone in this, he had his “most obedient sons”.

Mawarire has been a very vocal critic of the military takeover by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF). Using social media, Mawarire has constantly been speaking out against the military takeover at one time saying:

Difference in psyche: South Africans mourn State Capture, Zimbabweans celebrate military coup??????

What is to “take”? Army has no right to abduct civilians like what is happening. U can’t be abducting and beating people & spraying homes with bullets & call what u r doing “National Democratic Project”.

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4 comments on “If There Were Genuine Statesmen In Zanu-PF, There Would Have Been Mass Resignations

  1. it is right to say something as longas it is for the good of every one and if it hurts but is true its good for the one concerned. I worried by some words that are just issued because someone is on a platform think before you vomit verbally, did you check these allegations of firing by solders in any case these gyz wih their millions in the homes was it legal to have such cash enough to stat a terorist organisation. who else could have done this if it happened under our police who always apt on the motorist as a criminal in Zimbabwe and every one else is left alone to do what they so wish. Next time get yr fact before you pen push oh by the way before you hammer on the innocent key bord.

  2. Mawarire une Jealousy nekuuya kwaita nyika kkkkkk. You are worried that your cohorts are not gonna get a good reason to give Zimbos to vote for them. They’ve always harped on the mantra “Mugabe must go”, now he’s gone you are faced with a tough time inventing a new mantra. In the meantime Zimbabwe will be accelerating towards greatness. We are very happy, iwe hausi, sorry kkkkkk.

    1. I guess in this case he is right.The fact that the military kidnaps kills tortures people is also a bad sign in a way because it shows that this is wat our leaders do.mind u its will carry on even to the honest civilians in the future

      I personally did not approve of Mugabe either,and I’m glad he is gone but unfortunately this coup just proves that Mugabe’s actions will continue with the new leadership

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