Zimbabweans gathered outside parliament ahead of Mugabe impeachment proceedings

Zimbabweans gathered at the Africa Unity Square outside parliament ahead of President Robert Mugabe’s impeachment proceedings.

This comes after the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) organised a sit-in in Harare today as it intensfies calls for President Mugabe to resign. Speaking to Chronicle on Monday, War Veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa said:

We are saying, Mugabe, go now! Mugabe, go now! Your time is up. Please leave State House and let the country start on a new page. You should have the dignity and decency to spare the country further turmoil by simply announcing your departure immediately. If he can not, and this is the call we are repeating, we are bringing back the people of Zimbabwe to the streets and he will have to settle his issues with the people of Zimbabwe once more. Tomorrow is the day. While Parliament may be doing its business of dispensing with him, the people of Zimbabwe will be making sure, and this time there will be a sit-in.

Zanu-PF is expected to move a motion to impeach President Robert Mugabe today.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans AssociationPresident Mugabe

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