Paul Mangwana says Zanu-PF needs MDC-T for Mugabe impeachment to succeed

Zanu-PF deputy legal secretary Paul Mangwana has said that the motion to impeach president Robert Mugabe is going to be presented on Tuesday in Parliament. However, the voting will take place on Wednesday. Contrary to what CyberSecurity Minister Patrick Chinamasa said about not needing the MDC-T, Mangwana said that Zanu-PF actually needed the votes of opposition legislators to pass the motion. According to Mangwana, some of the Zanu-PF MPs are aligned to the G40 Faction and might vote against the impeachment motion.

Said Mangwana:

We need 125 votes from ZanuPF and 73 from MDC-T for the motion to succeed. We need the support of the MDC because our own MPs aligned to the G40 cabal may not vote for the motion.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) seized power in a military takeover last week which they claimed was targetting criminals around President Mugabe in order to bring them to justice. The military is reported to have arrested a number of prominent G40 members which include Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo, Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo.

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3 comments on “Paul Mangwana says Zanu-PF needs MDC-T for Mugabe impeachment to succeed

  1. IF AT ALL THERE IS A TIME TO BE SOBER FOR ALL ZIMBABWEANS, THIS IS IT!!! VENTING OUR EMOTIONS WILL NOT TAKE US FAR. I CAN HEAR PEOPLE WHO ARE ANGRY; PEOPLE WHO WANT THE BLOOD OF OTHERS; PEOPLE WHO WANT AN EYE FOR AN EYE SO AS TO LEAVE EVERYONE IN ZIMBABWE BLIND; PEOPLE WHO THINK ZIMBABWEANS ARE CHEAP; PEOPLE WHO BY ALL REASONABLE STANDARDS ARE OPPORTUNISTIC and corrupt in their own fashion! What I am NOT hearing are voices that remind us that we all have sinned and we all must repent because we all fall short of the glory of God. My senior in the UK, SIMBOTI, just reminded me this. Rhetoric and such theorising will not fill our bread baskets after all. ONE or two MORE QUESTIONs: If Mugabe goes today, will ALL OUR WOES AS ZIMBABWEANS disappear by tomorrow? What are the guarantees in place? Please answer this honest question and my mind will be at rest. I am challenging all of us to see the bigger picture. Zimbabweans must THINK BIG now. Remember this dictum: SMALL MINDS DISCUSS PEOPLE BUT BIG MINDS DISCUSS IDEAS!!! If individuals have blundered, do we correct this by vilifying them? Let common sense dictate to us. We all need to move on and leave the past to take care of itself. May God bless us all.

    1. Now is the time to vent. We can’t move on when we are still uncertain of the outcome. When the change has been made then we can talk about how to proceed. As of now we are still stuck. How can we plan under these circumstances.

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