We Are Presidents Not Monarchs, You Have No Regional Support: Botswana’s Khama Tells Mugabe To Go

Botswana president Ian Khama has urged his counterpart in Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe to leave office so that Zimbabwe can get back on the “path of peace and prosperity.” He also told Mugabe that he had no regional support from SADC to prolong his 37 years in power. Mugabe is reported to have agreed to leave power in principle after the Zimbabwe Defence Forces seized power in the early hours of Wednesday. However, he is reported to have placed many conditions that the military is refusing to comply with.

Speaking to Reuters Khama said:

I don’t think anyone should be President for that amount of time. We are Presidents, we are not monarchs. It’s just common sense.

Khama who became president of Botswana in 2008, will be leaving power next year after finishing two terms.

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6 comments on “We Are Presidents Not Monarchs, You Have No Regional Support: Botswana’s Khama Tells Mugabe To Go

  1. It is years overdue that this senile old idiot stepped down. He has brought Zimbabwe to its knees which Zuma is trying to do now, killed thousands of his own kind and starved his people of food, homes, employment etc. Its now time for younger blood to step up, keep a democracy going, get the economy going again although that would take many many years, but however long it takes, the people of Zimbabwe will chip in to help in any which way, except Mugabe’s sheep, who will eventually disappear, hopefully not to South Africa. The Zims in South Africa will eventually go back to their homes and their families and prosper in their own country. Good luck Zimbabwe!

    1. Realy Mugabe must be happy he had gone this far but Zuma is trying to shield him mybe he has borrowed his style of rule.Zmbabwe is saying nomore to tyrant thank u.

      S Mashie

  2. He should step down we have suffered enough .. Am sure he prety wants to rest but Jezebel wont let him .. Only if he have married an older wife ..

  3. Mugabe has lost his dignity and he destroyed his legacy. ..he is not going to be remembered so very far by good things. .Stepping down is the best option. ..and the sack of all Zimbabweans who we were oppressed.

  4. he has to step down we have suffered for long time,no money,jobs,health facilities to name a few.my question why is zuma supporting mugabe 37 years in power.zuma enjoys the suffering of zimbabweans,please mr zuma just bd real

  5. Truth must not be a victim yet again
    ZanuPF distorted every truth to its own end from its very beginning. The rule of law stood no chance.
    Untill the constitution is upheld in every aspect with courage and integrity prosperity will remain a stranger to Zimbabwe.
    Until the role of Britain, China, Russia and North Korea in destroying Rhodesia and installing Mugabe is revealed Until Ian Smith and his vision for a Zimbabwe for everyone is discussed with truth and the fact that under his government every Rhodesian had healthcare and education and the traditional leaders were in the Senate and just as the white farmers trained black farmers in effective agricultural management Ian Smith was doing the same for politics.
    You do not hear of Ian Smiths ministers having millions in their homes and it was safe to drive down the street without facing aggressive police road blocks
    The children of Zimbabwe all went to school ate adequately and enjoyed healthcare.
    To achieve this the whites paid for their land formed a nation paid their taxes and put into place a prosperous nationwith their blood sweat and toil.
    They did not watch their nation being decimated and that which they built dismantled they saw those for whom they toiled to care for to educate develop starved, robbed and destroyed
    A 37 year disruption to the education growth and development of a nation that began with international interference treachery and brutality has brought this once beautiful nation to despair
    The blueprint for this nation had at its heart a man with an integrity that needs not only to be recognised but actively pursued I’f Zimbabwe is to rise from the ashes they must speak freely of this history in order to heal and succeed

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