Uganda Condemns ZDF for Removing and Detaining President Mugabe

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Yoweri Museveni’s government has condemned the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for removing President Robert Mugabe from power. Uganda State Minister for International Relations, Henry Okello Oryem said that the African Union would never recognise a military coup by any military officer or group. Oryem said that Mr Mugabe’s “government is the legitimate leadership” and warned that his government was closely monitoring developments in Zimbabwe from its mission in South Africa.

Yoweri Museveni has been President of Uganda since 1986. Ironically, he was involved in the toppling of two presidents in his own country.

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3 comments on “Uganda Condemns ZDF for Removing and Detaining President Mugabe

  1. What can Zimbabwe learn from a dictator like Museveni. He must concentrate of oppressing his Ugandian Nationals. He has no business talking about Zimbabwe

  2. African leaders were happy seeing people of Zimbabwe suffering and the economy going down now there seeing the light for Zimbabweans they not happy.We cried to the SADC what dd they do instead S.African started killing Zimbabweans in SAfrica where was African countries now we want to enjoy our independence you not happy to hell

  3. Go and screw yourself you damned hypocite! We do not want or need intervention or criticism from the likes of your pisspot country! What the military have done here is well thought out, has a clear purpose and very welcome!

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