Mugabe Agrees To Step Down In Negotiations With The Military. But Terms Yet To Be Set (UPDATE)

According to sources, following negotiation with the military today, President Robert Mugabe has agreed to step down as president of Zimbabwe. The terms of his resignation, however, are yet be agreed upon.

The negotiations are being held at State House, apparently after the military refused to meet with President Mugabe at his “Blue Roof” home in Borrowdale. Roman Catholic Priest Father Fidelis Mukonori was one of the mediators today. The other mediators were South African Minister for Defence Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and the South African State Security Minister Bongani Bongo.

This comes after the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) seized power from Mugabe in the early hours of Wednesday. The military has insisted so far that it is not a military takeover of government as it is only targeting the “criminals around the president” who, according to them, had caused untold suffering to Zimbabweans because of their corruption.

Mugabe, according to sources, agreed to resign as his demands for safe passage for his family were granted by the military. There are however other terms of the resignation that are yet to be agreed upon.

Earlier reports said that Mugabe had been insisting that the action taken by the military was illegal and that he was still the legitimate head of state. He wanted the Zimbabwe Defence Forces to admit that their conduct was illegal. Mugabe and his advisors are reported to have been insisting that he should finish his term as President

A source who spoke to Reuters earlier said:

It’s a sort of stand-off, a stalemate. They are insisting the president must finish his term.

The generals, on the other hand, would have none of it and want former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to be reinstated to his previous positions of Vice President of Zimbabwe and Second Secretary of Zanu-PF.

Earlier, information filtering through from the negotiations suggested that the deal was complete. However, latest information suggests some terms are not yet agreed upon.

Commenting on the current situation on Twitter, prominent Zimbabwean business leader and media owner, Trevor Ncube, said:


This is a developing story and we are updating it as new details come in.

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32 comments on “Mugabe Agrees To Step Down In Negotiations With The Military. But Terms Yet To Be Set (UPDATE)

    1. Mugabe #Matibili must be granted asylum in Malawi ,his original homeland .Malawi needs him more. Next president’s citizenship must be thoroughly vetted. All the family must leave Zimbabwe.

  1. Stop peddling lies. Let’s wait and see. I myself do not support Mugabe Mnangwa or Chiwenga but your news is fake. A more reliable source has made it clear that Mugabe has refused. He is not as weak as you think he is. You are dealing with an intellectual here and yes of course he has his shortcomings. However, I believe Mnangagwa is worse. What has been happening happened because he is power hungry. With time it shall be seen. There is no smoke without fire. You shall soon how evil that man is.He has a very bad record which shall also be exposed on top of what has already been exposed by Dr Dzungu Grace Matibiri.

    1. Well said, he should have been stopped years ago hopefully the white farmers will be compensated for having their land stolen from them It will not heal the scars of those beaten and left to starve .

  2. Mugabe must go the military must make it clear sadac useles leaders who stood back when people were killed why are they coming now south Africa is the west sell out even in 2008 when zimbos were burnt alive sa sold put don’t trust sa to mediate Zimbabweans come out support the army

  3. Zuma and SADC seem to enjoy the suffering if Zimbabwe people. Mugabe must exit. Next all the money stolen from his family to be returned …..ministers as well. Transparency is needed for Zimbabweans. I for one is damm tired and angry that one certain people over night became wealthy and made us povo verrucas poor. We list all out hard earned savings our pensions . They are the UNTOUCHABLES.

  4. Need for more prayers for Zimbabwe..that what ever God allows to happen will be for the betterment of the nation at large and prises will stabilise or go down.. all systems will start working and employement and investment will be rampant in our nation..

  5. The jig is up for uncle Bob no matter what some want to believe. He’s almost at his deathbed anyway. Shows that nothing in this world lasts forever. Even the once mighty Roman empire fell. We just don’t seem to learn from history

  6. Zimbabwe needs a government that opposes corruption. Mugabe must return the money he and his family have stolen from the country.
    He and his family should go and live with his Korean or Chinese friends like the rest of the diaspora have had to do during hie time.

  7. mugabe must go.. not sure how you separate ED from the sins of zanu pf regime.. he was a beneficiary of the Mugabe presidency and corrupt govt for over 20yrs..

    1. SADC was “quiet” when Mugabe was unleashing a rein of terror during elections, endorsing them as free and fair when they were rigged, even as people in rural areas were brutalised, decapitated, murdered, and forced to vote ZANU PF. Activists like Itai Dzamara etal were made to disappear and SADC never bothered to make the leadership answerable. Former SA president Thabo Mbeki even invented what became known as “Quiet Diplomacy”….which in essence meant looking the other way as a tyrant decimated his own countrymen. Now, all of a sudden SADC and AU have found their voice and muscle because Mugabe is being “persuaded politely to leave office”….. One thing is clear in all this… South Africa does not want a strong neighbour. They want Zimbabwe to remain weak, both economically and politically, just so we remain a consumer country. They want us to be buying from them and supporting their Industry. In 1999 Hyundai set up in Botswana. Instead of helping support a neighbour a group of SA vehicle manufacturers teamed up in 2009/10 and bought it, dismantled it and shipped the plant and equipment to SA. Botswana’s President, Ian Khama has been a lone voice in Africa against Mugabe, and yet the AU and SADC tried everything in their book to isolate and ostracise him, for taking a stand against a tyrant. Yes Africa laughs at us for taking refuge in their countries, in SA, Zimbabweans have been lynched and burned alive, yet nobody raised a voice or finger. Now that there is a glimmer of hope, now that the people of Zimbabwe have taken it upon themselves to determine their own destiny, their military has created an opportunity to repair their own country and make it habitable SADC and AU think they should intervene and save Mugabe….If all these organisations exist just to save leaders and not the people, then there is nothing in them for us. Who needs an enemy when one has friends like these? Where were they all along? We are better off alone, I suggest we de-register ourselves from them. ZIMBABWE WE ARE ON OUR OWN

      Forward it until every ear in the world hear us.

  8. If Mnangagwa has indeed given his life to the Lord this is what will happen
    He will use his knowledge of the corruption, theft and murder to reveal all whilst being frank and honest about his involvement. He will cause all stolen property including farms to be restored to their rightful owners and will forfeit all his own ill gotten gains
    The wealth of Mugabe will be surrendered to a fund to compensate farmers black and white for damage and machinery and stock losses to be used to restore the farms and the same with businesses
    Murders trials will commence
    Treason charges shall be laid
    Corruption trials will warn those in office that they will be caught and dealt with under the law
    Education to tertiary level will be free at least for 50 years to accelerate a knowledge pool decimated over the last 37 years
    Oh and he will ask for forgiveness
    Then maybe it will be safe to let him into office in the interim government on the proviso that he steps back from politics when free and fair elections are held in short this will be his swan song.

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