Mnangagwa tried to form an opposition party with me, and sponsored my Tsholotsho campaign in 2005: Moyo tells Politburo

Higher and Tertiary Education minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has added more pressure on under-fire rival Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa after he reportedly told the Politburo and President Robert Mugabe that Mnangagwa had sponsored his independent campaign in 2005 after he was fired from Zanu-PF. Moyo also claimed that Mnangagwa had allegedly pushed for the formation of the opposition United People’s Movement (UPM) party between 2005 and 2007. However, the party never materialised.

According to Moyo, the UPM was supposed to ensure that Mnangwaga replaced Mugabe as President. Moyo also claimed that Mnangwaga tried to engineer a central committee rebellion after the Tsholotsho debacle. The president is said to have demanded that Mnangagwa should explain himself.

Moyo is alleged to have said:

Cde Mnangagwa, you have caused too many people to suffer for your lies.

You always sponsor disloyalty to President Mugabe and Zanu PF, but you never own up for your instigating role.

Throughout the planning process, we had several strategising meetings at the residence of a prominent lawyer who is related to you.

But you have not owned up to that. Instead, you have given a presentation that presents you as ‘Cde loyal’ when that is far from the truth.

Mnangagwa had earlier on made his own Politburo presentation in which he responded to several allegations made against him by Moyo at a politburo meeting in July. Mnangagwa is reported to have scored major points when he highlighted comments made by Moyo which are highly critical of Mugabe.

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3 comments on “Mnangagwa tried to form an opposition party with me, and sponsored my Tsholotsho campaign in 2005: Moyo tells Politburo

  1. This Zanu PF drama is becoming unreasonable and taking up much of Zimbabweans intellectual time. These dramas are going nowhere. It is evident that our leaders are spineless. How can people be so afraid to stand up and challenge one man, surely. 37 years of independence and failing to challenge a now old man who has given us the best of him and no should receive the best of us by allowing us to take care of him, as we do in our African culture to our elderly folks. Please our so called leaders, just man up and come out with your intentions, instead of doing like Mujuru, Didymus and Mupfumira lately who can only speak truth to power when the axe has fallen on them. Sad and cowardly indeed.It shows that the system is not democratic if people are so fearful.

  2. l think if you Mnangagwa form your own party l don’t think next ZANU pf will win .The ruling party want to play with us 1980 till now no change makarwira nyika kuti muwane kuzvitonga kuzere but tichiri kuchema

  3. Then Mnangagwa is the right person, he has been trying to help Zimbabweans to remove Mugabe . I think if u had helped him by now zim would be better .

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