Mugabe did not want Mnangagwa to tell Zimbabweans he was poisoned

President Robert Mugabe did not want Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to disclose that he was poisoned for fear that the issue would cause problems in Zanu-PF.

A Zanu-PF insider told NewsDay that Mugabe and Mnangagwa reached an agreement that the poisoning issue would not be discussed in public and that the illness narrative would be used to conceal the issue. Said the insider:

The President did not want the opposition feasting on top Zanu PF officials attempting to kill each other for power, so (he) requested Mnangagwa to conceal the details. But then, the President probably did not put his G40 colleagues in on the deal. 

Mnangagwa then backtracked on the agreement after attacks from Mugabe and G40 members. Said the insider:

He (Mnangagwa) could not take it anymore and notified Mugabe that he would tell the truth, hence, the responses. After the fall-out with (Vice-President Phelekezela) Mphoko, Mnangagwa also threatened to make public his medical toxicology report on the assassination bid.

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29 comments on “Mugabe did not want Mnangagwa to tell Zimbabweans he was poisoned

      1. Its against the constitution, he should write a resignation which will be tabled in parliament by the chief whip on his resignation not himself

    1. does it look like we care about Munangagwa totorwadziva naDr Morganchete,. Dai munangagwa akatofa hake ipapo nyika inoyaizobudirira

  1. Hopefull he will tell more truths and come clean with the Zimbabwean People as to who he really is. An official apology for his role in Gokurahundi and the Fear would be a good start…. followed by resignation and self imposed exile

  2. Mugabe must peacefully leave so that he can be rememberd for his work for he was a great leader and we shall remember him for his grt works …

  3. lessor devil removing big devil they are all devils mugabe and mnangagwa they destroyed the zim economy together they all have more than one farm is devil against devil mnangw=agwa also has politics of hatred the devil is thedevil there is no better devil

    1. Thats why they say “POLITTICS IS A DIRTY GAME“,,once u get into politics u are likely to get dirty one way or e other

  4. Mugabe is and was a great leader. The only mistake he made was to sleep with a snake in his bedroom and dinned with the devil in sheepskin .People even the outside world will always take him one of the best world leaders. He tried to put Zimbabwe on track but because of politics of greedy with most Zimbabweans he was caught unaware . Gushungo your legacy will resign

    1. i definetly agree with you mate, the people around him were and are still the main culprits. Viva vaMugabe viva, i love this man he gave us respect as Zimbabweans;

  5. He was going to be a good leader had he not become a murderer. He wanted to be feared instead of being respected. Overall he was terrible.

  6. One who dines with whatever becomes part of it. Events in Zimbabwe marked the turn of the century. Change was necessary

  7. One of the good things Cde Mugabe opened to us is good education, Zimbos respect human life, we work for ourselves, we are not racists like the Trumps, we able to do any work honestly, we can peacefully remove a government from office, it’s unfortunate uncle Bob was let down by his wife otherwise we are proud of receiving the education we have, as we calmly used it to dispose the criminals that had surrounded Bob

  8. Let us not to be fooled birds of same furthers flock together thx but us on the ground we know it better Chamisa muoffice 2018 finish and clarry imhondi idzi mharapatsetse

  9. How does the law deal with people who attempt to kill others. People thought there was enough evidence to convict the perpetrators. A group of people conived to kill.
    The clear evidence is the Crocodile ran for the life.
    Would anyone accommodate somebody who intended to kill self, let alone not even charges for the socious criminis.

  10. You are here

    Latest News
    Headmaster Tells Pupils To Stop Singing Shona Songs, Upsets the Pupils

    Headmaster Tells Pupils To Stop Singing Shona Songs, Upsets the Pupils
    March 12, 2018 admin
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    THE headmaster of Magwegwe High School in Bulawayo is under fire after allegedly banning the singing of Shona songs at his school.

    Mr William Ncube is alleged to have banned pupils from singing Shona songs or war cries during sports events or at assembly.

    Bulawayo Acting Provincial Education Director Mrs Olicah Khaira said the Ministry of Primary and secondary Education was investigating the matter.

    “I cannot comment much on the matter as I am not in the office. However, investigations into the issue are underway,” she said.
    An open letter, purportedly written by pupils at the school, has gone viral on social media platforms.

    The pupils are requesting Mr Ncube to desist from fanning tribalism and are demanding equal treatment at the school.

    The Chronicle visited the school yesterday and spoke to members of staff. The headmaster was said to be away.

    “On behalf of the Magwegwe High School students, we are against the decision by our headmaster to bar the singing of Shona songs at our school. As students we say no to tribalism and any form of violence. Whatever happened in the past must not include us as the so called born frees. We will not be used to settle past differences. We cannot be used in conflicts or fighting each other. We believe in unity and nothing else,” reads part of the letter.

    The letter says the headmaster is quoted as having said he will be in trouble with the PED if pupils were allowed to sing Shona songs.
    Mr William Ncube

    “What surprised us the most was the fact that he told the SDC chairman that if the PED gets the news that we were singing Shona songs, the school was going to be charged. (Khumalo, uPED engezwa kuthiwa kuhlatshelwa ingoma zale lapha kuyabuya incwadi engaka). Is it true that our PED has stopped the singing of Shona songs at all schools in Matabeleland?” asked the pupils.

    A teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed that the Shona language ban had caused tension among members of staff.

    “The headmaster knows his job but is a divisive leader. He is only against Shona members of staff and any Ndebele who sympathises with them or is not in support of tribalism.

    “We have many Shona children at the school, we need to accommodate everyone but when we are told that a certain language cannot be used at the school because it is not within the region it becomes worrying,” she said.

    Another member of staff who did not disclose his position at the school said he was now worried that the tribal issue was going to affect the reputation of the school and enrolment.

    “This has brought a lot of tribal tensions and the school has been divided on tribal grounds. It’s an unhealthy learning environment because children are being groomed not to see beyond ethnic differences. We are not teaching tolerance and I’m feeling embarrassed to be a member of the school,” he said.

    Some pupils who spoke to The Chronicle said senior pupils at the school were assisted by disgruntled teachers to pen the letter of complaint.

    According to teachers at the school, Mr Ncube, prior to coming to Magwegwe, ran into trouble at Milton High School.

    In October 2015, The Chronicle reported that Mr Ncube and his deputy Ms Nosizi Muleya were suspended after an audit conducted by the ministry allegedly exposed embezzlement of funds at the school.
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    Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has dismissed allegations that Magwegwe High School headmaster Mr William Ncube banned the singing of Shona songs
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