Charity Charamba to be arrested if she fails to testify against subordinate who called her “an idiot”

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 Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba is set to appear in court to testify against James Mabasa (38) who  is facing charges of defeating the course of justice and contravening the Telecommunication Act by “sending offensive messages over the phone”. Mabasa labelled Charamba “an idiot” in a WhatsApp group.

Harare Magistrate, Nomsa Sabarauta, who is presiding over the bail applications of more than 20 foreign currency dealers accused of violating the Exchange Control Act, postponed the  matter to 18 October after prosecutor, Oscar Madhume consulted with Charamba. Sabarauta warned Charamba that if she failed to appear in court on 18 October, she would be issued with a warrant of arrest.

Mabasa, who is on suspension, was based at the Police General Headquarters (PGHQ) traffic section. Mabasa allegedly sent the following message on May 15 this year to a WhatsApp group, insulting Chramba who heads the press and public relations department:

The police used to hold meetings with magistrates and other law enforcement stakeholders to map a way of reducing lawlessness but now it’s the other way round. The public has meetings with lawyers on ways to disregard the police. The public relations office is headed by an idiot who does not know that she has to encourage the public to be compliant to the police.

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Charity Angeline Charamba a Zimbabwean police officer who is the National Spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police. She holds the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner in the police force. Read More About Charity Charamba

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