Invitation to Public to Nominate Candidates for BAZ Board


The Committee on Standing Rules and Orders of the Parliament of Zimbabwe is mandated in terms of section 4(2)(b) of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06], to nominate candidates for appointment by his Excellency, the President, to serve as Members of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board. A list of six candidates shall be submitted to his Excellency, the President from which three persons shall be appointed to the Board.

The Committee on Standing Rules and Orders is hereby calling on the Public to nominate persons to be considered for appointment to the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board.

The functions the Commission and the person specifications are given below:


Functions of Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board
The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board has the following functions—
(a) to plan and advise on the allocation and distribution of the available frequency spectrum;
(b) to advise the Minister on the adoption and establishment of standards and codes relating to equipment attached to broadcasting systems;
(c) to receive, evaluate and consider applications for the issue of any broadcasting licence or signal carrier licence;
(d) to monitor tariffs charged by broadcasting licensees with a view to eliminating unfair business practices among such licensees and to protect the interests of consumers;
(e) to advise the Minister on ways of improving and promoting a regulatory
environment that will facilitate the development of a broadcasting industry in
Zimbabwe that is efficient, competitive and responsive to audience needs and
the national interest;
(f) to encourage diversity in the control of broadcasting services;
(g) to ensure that Zimbabweans have effective control of broadcasting services or
(h) to ensure the role of broadcasting services and systems in developing and
reflecting a sense of Zimbabwean identity, character and cultural diversity;
(i) to promote the provision of high quality and innovative programming by
providers of broadcasting services;
(j) to encourage providers of commercial and community broadcasting services
and systems to be responsive; to the need for a fair and accurate coverage of
matters of public interest and for an appropriate coverage of matters of local
(k) to encourage providers of broadcasting services and systems to respect
community standards and values in the provision of programme material;
(l) to ensure the provision of means for addressing complaints about broadcasting
(m) to ensure that providers of broadcasting services place a high priority on the
protection of children from exposure to programme material which may be
harmful to them; and
(n) to ensure compliance with this Act and license conditions and, where
empowered, to enforce the provisions of this Act;
(o) to monitor and track the use of the broadcasting service bands;
(p) generally, to advise the Minister on all matters relating to broadcasting systems
and services;
(q) to carry out any function or act as may be prescribed by the Minister.

Members of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board must be Zimbabwean
citizens and chosen for their integrity and experience and for their competence in the
Broadcasting matters.


Nomination material must consist of a typewritten submission of no more than two A4
pages long stating why the person nominated is a suitable candidate together with a
completed nomination form which can be obtained at Parliament offices or
downloaded from the website:
Nominations must be addressed to the Clerk of Parliament in envelopes clearly
marked with the name of the Commission must either be posted, hand delivered or
emailed to:

The Parliament of Zimbabwe
Parliament Building
Cnr. K. Nkurumah Avenue and Third Street
P.O. Box CY 298
Closing date of submissions is 30 September 2017

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