Mudede stops giving out emergency passports, to resume after backlog clearance

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In an interview with The Herald, Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede said his office has temporarily suspended issuing emergency passports to clear a backlog of over 2 000 passports.

Said Mudede:

We have a backlog of nearly 2 000 passports and that’s a lot.We have not suspended issuing passports, there is a backlog that we are trying to clear. This thing is temporary. We don’t force situations. If you want to use the word we have ‘slowed down’ in accepting applications, that’s the right language to use. We will start accepting applications for emergency passports once we clear the backlog. We must deal with the backlog and finish before we open again for new applications. To accept new applications and just park them is not the right thing to do. You wouldn’t like that, you will say ‘no no why have you accepted my money when you cannot deliver.

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Tobaiwa Mudede

Tobaiwa Mudede is the country's Registrar General of Zimbabwe since 1985 and author to the controversial book ,Genetically Modified Organism(GMOs) and Population Control Drugs in Developing Countries. He hogged the limelight in several instances such as voter registration and the use of contraception by local... Read More About Tobaiwa Mudede


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