Major General Nyikayaramba urges chiefs to ensure Mugabe wins 2018 election

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Addressing chiefs during commemorations of the Traditional Leaders’ Day at 4 Brigade headquarters in Masvingo last Friday, Zimbabwe National Army Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba urged chiefs to ensure President Robert Mugabe wins the 2018 elections.

Said Nyikayaramba:

Did anyone ever say to a traditional chief that you are old, leave the chieftainship for me? That is unheard of. What will happen to the chief’s aides? We need to remind each other. No chief was voted for. No son has ever ordered his father to step down from his role as leader of the family, so the same applies to our case with President Mugabe. That is what we should remind each other when we meet. Whites want divide-and-rule, and they saw that Mugabe is the nerve centre of the country. Let us not sell the country for the love of sugar. We are here to strengthen the relationship between chiefs.

The Constitution requires chiefs to be non-partisan.

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Robert Mugabe is the former President of Zimbabwe. He was the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe from 1987 to November 2017. Prior to this, he was the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe since the attainment of independence in 1980. Mugabe resigned from his presidency on... Read More About Robert Mugabe

The Zimbabwe National Army is the country's military wing which was established with the role of ensuring territorial integrity, peace, stability and security. The force was established in 1980 after the country attained its Independence from colonial rule. Read More About Zimbabwe National Army

Masvingo is one of Zimbabwe's smaller cities which is located on south eastern part of Zimbabwe. It is the capital of the Masvingo Province. The city is known mostly for it's proximity to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, an ancient city located about 28 kilometers away.... Read More About Masvingo


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