Madhuku criticises MDC-T for asking Makarau to relinquish 2 of her 3 Govt positions

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Speaking to The Herald, Constitutional law expert Professor Lovemore Madhuku criticised MDC-T for calling on Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Rita Makarau to relinquish one of her three Government positions. Apart from being ZEC chairperson, Makarau is also a Supreme Court judge and secretary for Judicial Services Commission.

Said Madhuku:

They included in the Constitution a provision which stipulated that you cannot be chairperson of ZEC when you are not a judge. They were involved in putting up that provision which said you have to be a judge for one to be chairperson of ZEC. As long as that provision is there, it is difficult to understand what they are saying. They cannot have it both ways. That is double standards.

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Madhuku was born in Chipinge in July 1966. He is a prominent democracy activist, politician, law expert (Professor of Law) and founder of the National Constitutional Assembly and is also a political analyst. Read More About Lovemore Madhuku

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is an independent body which controls and or manages all election processes at all levels in Zimbabwe. Despite being registered as a non-partisan body, ZEC has been criticised for aligning itself with the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU... Read More About Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

Rita Makarau is a Zimbabwean female judge and the former Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. Makarau is the Justice of the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe and former Secretary of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC). She is the first female Judge President of Zimbabwe. Makarau... Read More About Rita Makarau


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