Dynamos did not appeal against Epoupa’s red card

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Speaking to The Herald, Dynamos team manager Richard Chihoro said as far as he knew, his team had not appealed against Christian Epoupa Ntouba’s red card.

Said Chihoro:

We spent the whole of today (yesterday) locked in a meeting with the executive. Nothing to do with the red card was discussed and I only heard that the red-card has been nullified late in the afternoon after the meeting. I don’t know if any member of our executive had made an appeal, but I can confirm that nothing to that effect was discussed in the meeting we had the whole afternoon. On Sunday, I did not see what actually transpired in that box because I was concentrating on looking at the player who was about to take the corner kick. I only saw the referee (Ncube) flashing the card to our striker (Ntouba). So, on the nullification of the card, hear me right, I have no comment

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