Patson Dzamara now in Intensive Care Unit

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Human Rights Defender Patson Dzamara’s health has taken a turn for the worse and he has now been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Dzamara was detained for 5 days together with his co-defendant Tatenda Mombeyarara after he failed to turn up for court. In his defence, Dzamara claimed that this was the first time that he had ever missed a court appearance, and blamed this on a mix-up of his court dates.

Despite his best efforts to rectify the situation with the aid of his lawyers, he was arrested and denied the chance to pay a fine. He had to spend 5 days in detention, where he was housed in appalling conditions.  During the five days, Dzamara Patson had to move around bare footed including when using the toilets overflowing with raw sewer.  While in detention, he contracted an infection. This infection seems to have become worse, despite Dzamara seeking prompt medical attention.  He was admitted at the Avenues Clinic on Thursday.

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Patson Dzamara

Patson Dzamara is a Zimbabwean-born academic, motivational speaker and political activist. He is also the younger brother of Itai Dzamara the activist who went missing in 2015 after he was allegedly abducted by unknown people. Read More About Patson Dzamara


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